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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cosmic cycles and family constellation – Elohim Arcturus

Dear children,

Today I come to bring you a way of accessing the information that restricts you in your lives and that end up materializing in repeated situations, from which you can not detach.

The material world, as well as all existence, is understood by cycles. These cycles, which you call days, months, years, hours, are understood differently in every dimension of existence. But they exist and end up materializing in different ways and are understood according to the materialized view of each dimension.

A cosmic moment is understood by a day in a manifestation of 3D matter, but is also understood for a year in other dimensional levels. Just as, at higher levels, one day on planet Earth, it can be considered a millionth of a second.

Your records, your experiences, your limitations, your cosmic library, are stored in a non-time dimension. And because of this, it is not tied to the cosmic cycle that ends up materializing at different moments in each existential dimension.

The cosmic cycle corresponding to a day on Earth is related and interconnected through a dimensional portal to the same day that occurred in the previous earth year, and also to the same cosmic cycle of previous incarnations, including in different dimensions.

Therefore, the ground day of January 25, 2017, is linked through the opening of a portal, which gives access to work the same feelings, the same feelings, worked on January 25, 2016 and in all years before and after . It also understands within this portal the days that are in the same cosmic cycle and that correspond to January 25 in other dimensions, which may be only a second or even a longer time.

The portal that opens daily and connects all experiences lived multidimensionally, gives access to quantum treatments that could only be performed on specific days. For it is in those days that have been recorded in the Akhashico, that information.

Therefore, children, realize how you can use this knowledge to heal your lives.

You can, today, access the same day corresponding to the previous year and even in previous incarnations, to work your healing. Radiating love and light.

The means where they live, the experiences and the experiences, are not repeated in this daily cycle. What is repeated, in this case shown here, are the emotions, sensations, impulses, which are stored in this space / time of the Akhashic record, and which is understood by that moment alone.

Therefore, children, when they awaken sensations of pain and suffering on a specific day, are bringing information that will be stored in the record, and which, in the next minute, becomes part of their past of the cosmic record, which can be accessed and treated when This cycle will repeat itself again.

So, children, the openings of the multidimensional portals that you know work. These collective portals serve to work out the constraints and collective aspects that correspond to the repeated behaviors of the great mass. The action is more intense in collective portals. But individual aspects are not treated as directly and definitively as they are in the portal of each individual cosmic cycle.

On the day of the opening of the portal of the specific cosmic cycle, daily, you can bring to mind the events of previous years, meditate and illuminate all experiences. They begin to realize how, on the same day of the previous year, they were feeling the same emotions, and therefore can now access again to heal them, searching deeper into the source.

In the same way that you can receive the impulses that come from these records, you can also observe them coming and chasing them to the source from which they came. For if this feeling is manifesting today, then it is being the result of the information coming from some record connected in the opening of today's portal.

In this way, begin to realize how they are no longer the victims of repeated impulses. And yes, by stopping and observing them, and meditating for the source of this information, they are cleansing so that it goes into the state of purification / transmutation.

Radiate the violet crystal flame in this felt energy and run through the full range of energetic threads that are connected to you, and which lead to the source from which the sensation is emanating. Illuminate everything in crystal violet flame.

There may be more connections coming out of this record. If it is a family constellation record, there may be more people attached to that same impulse, and then, from the moment that record is illuminated, it will radiate that violet / crystal light for all connections, and so it ends up forming a Network of violet / crystal light radiated throughout a familiar constellation, purifying it.

All the characters of this manifestation are benefited and radiated.

In the end, construct and manifest on the cosmic level a violet crystal that is fixed in the center of the home of each of those people who were connected to the record. Command this crystal to radiate the light of forgiveness and love. That it may remain there radiating the flame of transmutation and purification, that it will contribute to the aspects that bind those people to the behaviors connected with that restriction, to be purified and transmuted, and always worked in the energy of forgiveness.

The cosmic sound that will be radiated from the crystal, the vibration it will emit, will be like a song anchored in the energy of forgiveness, brought by Master Kuan Yin.

The connection of this crystal and the irradiation of forgiveness in these environments will cause those pains to be exposed and transmuted, and again exposed and transmuted, repeatedly, and ultimately, through forgiveness, purified.

Thus, they will bring to their lives the healing of aspects not overcome in moments of frailty and suffering, but now you are better prepared to work and heal, for there was a time of interval for them to be strengthened through experience.

Now, you no longer feel as fragile as you were at the time you first created restraint, and in which this restraint was recorded in the Akhashico. And with that acquired strength and experience, with the time they have had to work on you accepting the experiences that have brought these restrictions and forgiving them, they now allow healing to happen.

The energy of forgiveness will be essential during this process of completing the treatment, as it will keep them from repeating and then creating more restraints for them to be cleansed.

All that information, children, is what unites you to the situations of restriction, and by which you are connected with the people with whom you lived during periods where you first awakened the restrictions. From this cleansing, the energetic threads that unite you, through the family constellation, to these people, become enlightened, and bring only memories that will be accessed to follow wisely in the face of your new experiences.

The purification and transmutation provided by this treatment with the violet-crystal flame will enable you to release the energetic threads that bind you to the repeated experiences of incarnation, and therefore end up freeing you from the need for reincarnations in the same medium.

There are many restrictions to be cleansed, but the time will come when you will be free and free to experience new experiences as spirit in various dimensions.

And so it is!

I am Arcturus

Messenger: Michele Martini – Jan 25, 2017.