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Thursday, March 2, 2017





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Hello, dear! I am 19 years old and I am grateful to have such a beautiful and loving family. For years, I asked my mother for a little brother and said that I would have to be a boy to be my partner. For he was born when I was 9, and was received with much love, but over time I felt my parents pushing me away from him, until he began to walk away from me. Although physically close, I find myself spiritually and emotionally far away from him. I do not even see a loophole to approach me and when I try it seems that he holds a great mixed hearted hurt of me.
I want to know how I can heal those feelings, get close to him and the rest of my family. My father and I sit side by side, we rarely drink mate or beer with each other, and almost no word is uttered. But he's always willing to help me with whatever I need. My mother even tries to talk to me, but it is I who avoid deep interactions with her, but sometimes I start to care. How can I heal these feelings and approach them? And if there's anything else I need to know tell me kindly, NAMASTE!


My Beloved Brother,
The great job of a Lightworker is to be Light to those around you. You did not come to this world just to be loved, but especially to learn to love everyone unconditionally.
Many times those around us do not have a similar vibration to us. Then we feel this detachment which is nothing but apparent, for it is a question of the resonance of the soul.
You are in a family where you came to help them in the purification, but for this you need to follow the path of your soul without waiting for retribution. By doing so, you will enlighten all those around you.
You, My Beloved, have already been in high worlds and therefore you should not expect from those who are by your side a Love that is not in the world of matter. Conscious of this, you will learn to seek this Love within yourself, to enlighten yourself, without expecting anything in exchange for the external world.
For My Beloved, when we are well with ourselves, we are happy to radiate peace to all around us, and that will suffice for our journey.
What you need is to understand that you are on a different vibrational level of your birth family and therefore feel estranged from them. But remember My Brother: the separation is apparent, for it exists only in our mind.
Remain in that Trust and Peace, knowing the path you must take that will find your own Love, and this will be the feeling that will lead you to understand, and understand, everyone around you, identifying the various vibrational levels without being carried away by them , But keeping its own path of the heart.
I am your Loving Brother,




Beloved Masters, I have nothing to complain about in life, I have a wonderful family, I am healthy, but my professional life does not advance. I have tried everything to improve, but it seems that it does not leave the place. I have many doubts as to which way to go. I would like guidance on this. Sometimes I feel lost in the middle of the road, aimless. What to do?


Dear brother,
Your life is filled with love and peace. But you do not find peace within yourself. You will never be satisfied, beloved brother, with the need to perform work that you have created in your mind, for it does not exist. There is indeed that which is present in your life and which brings all the resources necessary for you to live well and happy.
You work to get more recognition from my son, but recognition is not important but internal acceptance. You need to recognize yourself and find yourself within your own reality. My son frees you from the matter. Free yourself from the need to be recognized by the external. Recognize yourself in what you are inside and you will see how abundant you are in joy and professional and personal fulfillment.

Master Gregório



Beloved masters!
I live a relationship whose day-to-day life is difficult. It has been much more complicated and after much personal growth, it is becoming uncomplicated. I'm really grateful for learning. It was a time of misery and distressing inferior feelings. I am grateful today for the growth I needed to have, and that were from disagreements, by the touches I received from the companion. Thank you for everything and I release my limitations and fights from my life. The companion (father of our 3 small children) has also grown a lot and I greatly admire his essence, loyalty, strength, sensitivity and presence. Life has not yet become cheerful and light beside him. And there was a short trip recently, we did separate, to "breathe" and we were open to new possibilities in life. And I saw a person I loved very much, whom I always dreamed of and who always was and was in my head. I have the feeling of having a very special connection with this person. I am aware that I must love myself completely and not expect to be complete with another person, receiving his love. But whenever I imagine myself totally happy, it is with this person. I do not want to hurt my current companion (who likes me very much and suffers from being far away - he came back before his trip, for longing for me. But our relationship is complicated). I have the feeling in my heart that my life would be more alive and loving if I were next to the other person. But I'm not sure of this other person 's feelings for me. I ask for guidance as to which way to go, I ask for help for what is best to do (children are involved). And I ask for guidance on this feeling that I feel for the other person, is it real? Is it to be lived?
Deeply grateful.


My dear sister,
The dissatisfaction in your current relationship and the fact that you do not find your happiness contributes to the creation, through your mind, of several possibilities where you see yourself happy and with another person.
This feeling is very natural, but it is nothing more than a creation of the mind. You have created this reality as an escape from your present life, which does not make you happy.
So, my sister, look at that moment for your present situation. Focus your attention on this. If you seek improvement in your current relationship or even seek to separate, this is not important. The important thing is that something needs to be cured in this experience. And if you enter into new experiences now, you will bring the same lessons to be healed in one way or another.
You will be repeating experiences with another person, however much you do not realize for a moment, but over time you will see that repeated situations begin to occur.
So daughter look into your heart, solve your current situation, comfort your heart.
Cycle one to start another.
This is the path that will bring less suffering, but maintaining the same learning.
Stay in peace and light my sister.

Lady Master Rowena



Dear Masters, I have studied spiritual teachings since I was a teenager, but I feel that I have received little spiritual development. I know that I could and should have worked harder and had more discipline in putting the acquired knowledge into practice. Sometimes it seems like I'm crazy to keep studying without seeing results. Some things I do not understand, for example: why do some skeptics or people who do not care for spiritual matters are graced with a contact with you and I, who have studied your teachings for so many years, get no sign, no answer? I also see people who are neither spiritual nor "good" living a quiet life while I have had so many difficulties. I would like an explanation! Thanks.


My beloved sister,
We've always been by your side, my dear. His willingness to take cognizance of the upward teachings shows only one call from his heart to the pursuit of all that he possesses within himself. You did not seek these studies for simple learning, but actually searched for the answers to your feelings, to understand your process. That was always the tone of his search. But no book will bring this truth, for it is stored in your heart. You need to be aware that the search for yourself you will not find in the books, but it will be allowing yourself to feel your deepest emotions that you will open to feel us, to receive us in your heart. The search for all knowledge was also a way of protecting oneself from the teachings, of protecting oneself, for while looking for the answers in the sacred books she forgot to look at her heart.
You know, my sister, that for a long time we tried to communicate with you because she knew that she was receiving us. But this involved getting in touch with their emotions through the radiance of our love. The mind, the process of understanding and understanding ends up closing the truth of our soul.
You need to release your feelings, get in touch with your emotions, so you can from your heart feel our radiance.
And so you wonder why so many difficulties, so many pains? And we say this was our call to your truth, the call so that from these pains, these experiences, you searched within yourself the connection with the teachings of the books.
If you allow yourself to live these experiences they will simply come to you and you can take deep contact with everything that restricted you, with the real cause of your pains, with the blockages.
Inside my sister there is an incessant search for truth, but you do not seek the truth of the books. In the background is searching for its origin, its mission, its soul purpose.
We recommend to you, my beloved, that through meditation find your silence, that you go daily seeking this inner peace so that from that state you can open to receive us with all your love.

I am Rowena, your sister.



Hello, I do not know what to do for my son to stop and listen to me. My son is my greatest treasure, he is seventeen, he does not know his biological father. When he was 6 years old I met who is with me to this day and became my husband, since then I confess that I did not dedicate myself to my son, I should have given him more affection. What he really wanted was for this husband to have accepted him as his son, but it did not happen and I always fought for it. Not that the two disagreed, but my son very much wanted him to be his father. When my son entered adolescence began the changes of behavior, lack of desire to go to school, to always be on the street, simplifying it sought out what was not at home. Today my son is 17 years old and wants to leave and he does not understand me and he does not accept that I did not give him the affection he wanted. What do I do? I love my son very much and I want him close to me, and I keep fighting to see him and my husband living harmoniously.
Give me some indication of what I should do. Thanks.


Your child will seek his way and leave you free to live your life. He will never cease to be his son, but parents should help their children and then release them so that they follow their path.
You should not enter into the drama of the situation, but simply break the bonds of attachment and resistance that holds in your heart. The fact that your child feels the yearning to leave home and go their way will be very positive for the growth of all involved.
As a mother would you rather see him near suffering, or far off growing up and happy? Would allowing your child to follow his path just like you did one day would not be the best for the whole situation? His fight would end, his son would seek his happiness with responsibility and in time he would see everything he had done for him during all those years.
It is that when we are in the cradle of warmth we are not able to give value to everything we have, but when we go out in search of our life it brings us the necessary learning to our growth and thus we can see everything that we receive from those who love us.
What I can tell you, my daughter, is that true love releases, lets go. Attachment holds, whether near, is afraid. It is up to you my beloved to decide what you want for your life, the happiness of those you love or to see them trapped by your side unhappy for not allowing them to follow the life of their hearts. Free your child, trust in divine providence that over the years you will reap the joys of seeing him well, strong and happy. And that will be your greatest gift, something irreplaceable. Stay in peace
I'm your brother,

Serapis Bey



From time to time, I read things like "careful what you think, it might attract the situation," or "what you fear happens to you," things like that. I feel a little uncomfortable when I read things like that, because sometimes thoughts come that frighten me. And that thought that if I suppress it can do more damage. So that comes the feeling that I have to deal with it somehow. Sometimes I've gotten relief. In others it seems that something is stuck, which has been quite uncomfortable. There comes that fear that this influences reality. How to deal with it?


Son, we understand perfectly what you feel.
Erroneously, many people are told not to look at their biggest fears. But we know son, that there are different situations experienced for each person.
When some thought pursues you for some time, and you try to cover it up following your life, you are doing nothing more than masking something that is being exposed to be healed.
What you need to take as a child learning is that you should not feed lower thoughts, increasing and leading your life based on these actions, when you realize that something no longer resonates with you as the correct path to follow.
But when a thought that brings fear plagues your mind, you must deal with courage. Courage to face your fears. Bringing it to your heart and saying for once son, that you are able to face what you fear.
In your child case, when you repress the treatment is not done. It is because of this that the thought continues.
For it is there being shown to you repeatedly that you decide to look at it and do something about it within yourself.
Seek within yourself the cause of this fear. Write my son, this is a fortress that no one can take away from you. Write on a piece of paper what this fear represents to you, because it brings fear to you. So when you answer, ask your question why. And so my son, look for the root cause. In that way you remove the barks of fear and you will see that it is only a grain of mustard.
You see, son, as at the end of this exercise, you will rejoice and laugh at yourself for not having realized before that it was just a grain of mustard.
I radiate you in the blue flame so that you face my son with courage, and with father's love I enfold you.

Master El Morya

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan, 2017.

Text revision: Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto.

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