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Friday, January 6, 2017

A Better Life - Divine Mother

Beloved ones, you bring to me your pains, your yearnings, in search of a better life.

The tears shed for you, children, are felt by me in this energy of light and raised to love, which is radiated to each one.

I see you, beloved ones, every day involved in repetitive situations of pain and suffering, that become endless in their lives. A cycle that seems to be infinite, but nothing more than illusions fueled by the hope they carry in their hearts for a better life.

This better life, beloved children, is present within you, but you do not find it, for you remain blindfolded by the repetitive cycle of suffering you generate yourself.

These eyes, dear ones, are released through love. The sale is removed with affection and affection for yourselves.

The time you have left without cultivating self-love has created this illusory sale, which does not allow you to look at yourself as you truly are.

You, dear children, bring many joys to my eyes, but at the same time, bring deep sorrow to yourselves. And I, as your Divine Mother, bring here the hope that you will begin to observe your lives in a new light, that of self-love.

The cultivation of this feeling, dear ones, is the nourishment of your soul. It is that seed that sprouts within you and that will be only the beginning of a new Age, both for the planet, and for yourselves.

The seed grown inside the heart, springs up like a beautiful flower that blossoms radiating more light out. And it creates deep roots that are its sustaining foundation so that it is not so easily knocked over during its repetitive experiences of self-punishment.

This self-punishment, children, is a fact present in the life of a great part of humanity, which brings to its records of DNA, much suffering, repentance, pain, but also brings hope and faith.

Feelings of hope and faith, children, spring from the moment they learn to cultivate self-love. To forgive yourself in your present life for healing past acts that have consequences in your current lives because of the remembrance, even if unconscious, of behaviors you yourself condemn and experienced in previous lives.

These behaviors, children, are the records that you have already outgrown in ancient experiences and brought here today to be treated with the energy of forgiveness.

A better life is what you ask for, my beloved children, but a better life begins from within your heart, from the feeling of forgiveness.

So, dear ones, starting today, you start a new phase in your lives, a phase in which you will look at everything that has happened, at everything you condemn in yourself, for those repetitive experiences of suffering, and simply Will enfold in a great pink light of love, and will surrender to me, their Divine Mother, and then I will bring them to be purified and healed in their records.

Dear children, may your next tears be to flood the plantations of hope and life. May they be only joyful to see how their lives improve from now on, when you overflow tears of love and forgiveness for all the past that has already been and does not exist anymore, children.

I am here, bringing this memory so that you can move on, in this year that will bring so many opportunities and possibilities, this new beginning where you first need to let go of all that baggage of the past that is already too heavy to be loaded, and that already She is no longer part of you children.

Abandon those energies that make you suffer, children. There are no more reasons for self-punishment.

I am your loving Mother and I am here to receive all your tears of suffering, but from now on, so that you can leave them with me with all your pains, and so on, move on to a new beginning. Already suffice to suffer, children, enough of repetitive cycles and pain. Give everything to me and follow with an open heart to receive the new.

I love you all and I shed the light of forgiveness and mother's zeal on everyone.

Divine Mother.

Messenger: Michele Martini – Jan 06, 2017.

Text revision: Rebeca Crivelaro Campos.