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Friday, December 16, 2016

You are Angels of Light – Lady Master Nada

The Light radiated over all your bodies, shining in the midst of all darkness, all the fog of thought that hangs in the surroundings, will make you realize how they are life-healing particles working for the good of all.

The insecurities that spring from your hearts, the longings and sorrows, will bring you the opportunity within yourself, you will bring the Love that you seek externally, so that, in this way, you will learn to love and be loved in abundance, bringing life and Peace for their daily chores.

It's an exercise, My Children. The act of loving, empowering Love, overflowing in Love, and let it be released from your being, radiating to everyone.

This is their purpose in this life: to overflow Love in abundance around them and, thus, being channels of Love, bathe their bodies in this Love, all the cells of their bodies in this Love and thus become channels that may Radiate this pure feeling in their midst.

How could My Loving Sons bring Love without first even filling their own hearts with this Love? How can you convey this feeling that you do not have for yourself? You have the power to channel this pure Love from the Source and thus transmit it through gestures, words, loving looks. A simple act of observing, lovingly, someone in your daily routine, heals many ails of that spirit, My Dear Ones.

The power contained in the pure feeling of Love is so great, that it is immeasurable. It removes mountains, mountains of fear, obscure feelings, illnesses and insecurities.

He brings the welcome of brother, father, mother and a friend. The feeling of Love, Children, is what moves your lives, is what makes you move and live each day.

Do not be ashamed to seek for Love. Do not fear the judgments, let alone the looks of criticism. Be your loving essence of peace and balance, which brings the evolution of your spirit, that for so many ages is seeking growth and learning.

Feed yourself with this abundant Love so that evolution may occur, so that you leave the initial stage, for you are only on the surface of this "immense sea" of discoveries and experiences.

Their lives will be abundant when they can "dive" beyond the surface. A "dip" toward the uncertain, the unknown, to what they had never experienced before. Give yourself the opportunity of the pure discovery that is your true quest that is often hidden with so many mistakes, with so many different routes that take, but are nothing more than training. Trainings that work your spirits, so that they are better prepared for the deep "dip in consciousness," self-love, the "immensity of the deep ocean" of God's Love.

When bathed in this Love, they will not be able to leave there. They will be involved in the purest Love and protection, and this will make them feel like protected babies in the lap of a loving mother, who fear nothing else, who feel finally found by their true Creator.

Involved in the lap of God, protected by His Love and Protection, they can relax and indulge in the purest sense of emptiness of the mind. Surrender to your nature and unite with Him in one Light, which you are.

This stage, My Beloved Sons, is the search for all of you, spirits of the Light, for you are born of the Light and will return to union with the Light, but for a brief moment of your existences you are experiencing that experience in the flesh, To acquire wisdom, liberation and encounter with true Love, in a deeper way and never before reached in the most sublime state of the spirit.

The encounter with the Divine Consciousness, as incarnated, My Sons, will bring to you the evolution you seek here. Evolution that will be at such high levels, that at the end of this process, will shine in the Light to radiate in all and ascend to higher levels. The encounter with the Love of God while you are in the matter, is a unique experience and longed for by many spirits.

The Earth, My Beloved Sons, is the birthplace of great spirits of Light, who will migrate in mission of charity and Love throughout the universe of God's Creation, as their missionary workers to bring Love to people who do not know Him.

You, My Dear Ones, are a part of God's Army of Love and are only training for something much grander. This great thing will be your Ascension in Light and work, bringing wisdom to so many who will need you in the future.

Dedicate yourself to find the Love within you, to unite with the Divine Consciousness, so that you will enjoy, more intensely, this experience, where you are in this stage of preparation for the wonderful work that is to come.

The planet will be radiated from the full Light, circulating thousands of Beings of Light into higher dimensions, clearing away all the dense negativity of the past. All the Angels of Light, who will be you in the future, Beloved Children, will fly on this planet, enveloping you in the purest Light and will bring the opportunity of ascension to this home that was once yours, but that will be for the inhabitants that will be Graced by their wonderful visit, by their unforgettable passage in their lives. You who have brought the Light and the liberation to all of them and have regained peace and Love in their hearts.

To My Beloved Angels of Light and Love, I leave here my words.

Lady Master Nada

Messenger: Michele Martini – Dec 16, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita