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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Way of the Disciple's Elevation - Archangel Raphael

Beloved Greetings,

The brilliance of those who begin their discovery on the path of self, the path of prosperity, the path of freedom and the vastness of all that they are, is indefinable. When you are touched by the brightness of the discovery of the uplifting trail, you change your way of being, for you begin to feel what awaits you: the energies that flow to you.

My Noble Sons, we know how hard the journey has been to this point, how far they have come to reach the point of seeking that knowledge, which starts from themselves, for All That Is.

In their world, they were taught to seek outwardly and to bring knowledge into their interior by living as they were taught. But when they discover the path of upliftment, the process really begins: to feel the inner universe and then to radiate all that they hold to the outside, modifying the world they live in, and then everything begins to make sense.

In this way, you begin the path of awakening and your paths begin to make sense, and the whole begins to form. The conviction and certainty of the path become so evident, that its inner glow radiates, clearly, around it. It is the initiation of Mastery. The first step of elevation to unconditional Love. Because when they discover your inner universe, everything makes sense. The brightness departs from within the world and judgment ceases to exist. You simply begin to see each other's path on this path, on different levels, in different forms, but all on the same path.

And in this state, they pass to the second level of elevation: the inner understanding of their natural gifts. They simply arise, and you no longer need so much information outwardly, for you begin to understand all that is within you, and intuition begins to surface in a surprising way. It is a state of complete inner confidence, of the certainty of "what they feel," "of what they are," and then begin to awaken to all that surrounds them.

In this state, knowledge starts from the inside and begins to be directed, consciously, to the outside. Intuition lifts you to paths that have never before been traveled by another human being. It is that, Beloved Ones, no genuine knowledge will be identical to the other, for each Being has the Wisdom of God in their hearts to create and evolve in ways unimaginable by Creation.

From this intuitive force, from trusting in what you feel, from the radiance of your Light, you will inevitably be led to a new discovery: you will feel able to put yourself in contact with the Source God Father / Mother. Even though you have never disconnected from God, the illusion of separation was so prevalent that at one point you simply stopped communicating with the Source of All That Is. But it is when they realize the possibility of this contact, of the Wisdom available in the Cosmos, that everything will be revealed in the Oneness of All That Is. In this state, you will realize that you really are not separate. You will feel empowered to communicate with God, and He will direct you directly to show you the way to bring you into integration with His Love.

When they recognize the possibility of contacting the Source of God, their inner brilliance becomes inexorable, for life is seen from an angle of Trust and Love. You begin to feel Sons of Oneness and doubts, really, stop racking your hearts. You will understand the flow that God wants all the Sons to integrate. Unity will point to the horizon, and the benevolence of that contact will be so great that delivery will definitely take over their lives.

Seen from a human perspective, this appears to be a process that few humans have been awarded: that of true contact with the Source of God. But, My Nobles, I say to you, that of all that you have, nothing will compare with the state of total surrender to Unity. It is a state of Supreme Grace, where all reality is unraveled in their hearts, which become, definitely, the Oneness of God.

When they offer themselves wholeheartedly to this initiation, the Master will come forth to give his hands to the disciple and lead them to the path of Oneness. The experiences in their lives will become a reflection of the very path of purification, transmutation and elevation. You walk the path of a Master and beside them.

But on this path, the Oneness must feel its inner glow of self-discovery. You need to walk to a stage of understanding "of what you are," and on that path, if you discover yourself as initiated to elevation. And in so doing, the Master will begin to guide you and you no longer need to doubt the path. Those who are in the hands of a Master no longer have to wonder where they are going, where they will arrive, for there is only one path in this path: integration into Unity at the Source of God, the discovery of the illusion of separation.

Persevering in the Light, you will be following this path of enlightenment, opening the possibility of starting in the paths of full recognition of mastery. In these times, you tread this path of self-discovery, this path of inner brilliance, to start a new path within yourself, to learn to listen to your intuition and, from it, to get in touch with the Source, integrating, Consciously, to the Unity of Christ. And on this journey, it is sufficient that they allow themselves to be led by their Guides, by their Masters, by those who accompany them on the spiritual path. They will be leading them and the synchronicities will lead them to the best path.

Trust, My Beloved Ones! The Fraternity of Masters will protect all, but especially those who, from the heart, intend to take care of their elevation and radiate their Light to all that surrounds them. The Great White Brotherhood will protect its disciples who seek the purity of their soul, and will only bring them experiences, which can accelerate their journey home.

You are the initiates of those times, those who open themselves from the heart to the purpose of the Light, from unrestricted integration to the Source of God the Father / Mother and the opening of the soul. Be sure, use the purpose of contact with the Source of God and trust, more and more, in what it can bring. For in this journey, there is only one end: that of oneself in fullness.

I am Archangel Raphael and I thank you for the brief opportunity with all my Love.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - December 24, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.