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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The seven capital sins – Father José from Aruanda

The seven main points that humanity until today seeks purification in this material experience. These are the seven sins, which are not vices of the soul, but of matter. Because they are the points where the souls that are on this Earth project decided to work inwardly and bring experience to the soul.

But, children, it's not your vices, is it? It is because, when you incarnate on this planet, you receive all the genetic inheritance of past generations, of other lives. And the challenge of these children is precisely to clean themselves in these points, because the children help all of humanity, and especially if they help.

It is because, my children, you say this: "I will cleanse myself and seek my elevation." But you do not realize that you are not separate but together in unity. Then every child who seeks self in the purification of one of these seven collective capital sins, helps the whole planet.

That's how it works. If a miser child in this life, does not mean that his soul is avaricious, because soul has no money, does not it, my children? But the stingy son was born into a family constellation that has this addiction, and accepted the mission of helping to purify the whole family through example, of purification itself. Of course, you do not always remember that commitment, and then you end up getting complicated. It's experience, is not it, children? Everything is alright!

But humanity decided to live these seven vices, which are the ones that afflict this planet. And you, the children of the stars, came with the mission of helping to transmute and purify. That's right?

So we have seven so-called capital sins. That are not sins in the sense of violation of a rule, but are points of purification that humanity has decided to transcend collectively.

And transcending these vices of matter, you help so much, my children, but you help in ways you can not even imagine. Until then on the other planets ... hehehe. Do you know why? You are not disconnected from the unit. So, purifying here, purify everything, everything that is connected to your Higher Self. And there are parts of this "I" with a capital letter that are not in this experience of the Earth. Then the children help beyond their knowledge. And they help all the souls that are in this project with you, in this and in another dimension as well. That's right?

But we were talking about avarice: This, children, is the imbalance of the base, of confidence in the flow of life. It has an energy of control, of the ego wanting everything for itself. Just spoiled child for fear of losing the toy. Children need to learn the flow of the soul and the financial flow of matter, which can bring a great lesson of trust and faith in God that you only need what you need to live, enough. And enough is relative to each, but enough for your experience is what you need now. That's right?

There is anger too, is not it, my children. You are all angry, angry, hateful, wanting to fight. But fighting for what? If everything in this life passes, and from here you only take the experience? Do you want to experience grudge? So stop being nervous, because when two do not want one, do not fight alone, right? So whenever they get nervous, bring the love of the heart to the situation, and breathe three times. Because just as you help the collective, you also accumulate more density to clean. And it is by reforming that you will be helping to really cleanse the energies!

But there is also lust, which is so common in your world. The deviations of matter, the sensual deviations.

So from this lust is born the corruption that rages so much on you, does not it? Hehehehe. Sexual deviations. It is lust, is it not children? The father is not saying that you do wrong, because the father has already said that everything is experience, but in some experiences you purify yourself and in others you accumulate energy to purify afterwards. But anyway, experiences will always help you, will not you, children? Sex is good, but like other things in matter, it can vitiate the personality, and bring more energy to clean up after, in other experiences. So like everything, if used without balance, to attend to the whims of matter, forgetting God, you will be profaning the sacred, and with that having an experience that, at one time or another, will have to be transcended, right?

Look at the brothers in power, sons. The more the ego dominates your body, the more the impulses of this lust come. The way they come to look at their brother with impure feeling. They forget respect and charity, children.

When you think yourself better than others, when you let ego and pride dominate your hearts, then you begin to lose respect for your brothers, your partner, and your partner.

In this lush learning, children, many of you have fallen. If the old father takes into account everyone who has already made a mistake in it, children, he will spend his whole life counting, because he never ends up.

This is one of the most deadly sins that makes you fall, children. When you light up in light and love, doing charity, but forget to work those sexual feelings within you, children, you end up falling, and it takes time afterwards to recover, children.

There's something ugly out there, kids. You need to watch out, see!

Sexual energy, children, is something very sacred and should be used with love. Always love is what should move that energy, not the thought of the flesh, children.

We all know that in the first moment that you are in the matter, it is difficult to deal with it, children, because the sensations are very strong, but over the years, children, you are learning to balance these energies. They are maturing, children. But do not think that this maturation comes only with the experience in practice of it, children ... hihihi ... if it were so it would be easy for you not to be ... hihihi

The maturation, children, comes precisely from love, from charity, from love of neighbor and yourself. When you begin to learn to look at your brother with love, when you begin to learn to love yourself, you begin to do all of this with a deep sense of love and spiritual elevation, children. This is the true act of sex, children.

Do not forget what father brings you here, children. All seven deadly sins are connected, and when you learn to clean one, you also work on others. One at a time, children. Everything gets cleaned one day and you do not have to go back to clean it again. Just go ahead and be vigilant, because you know that life here in this matter is living experiences all the time, children are not. So do not lower your guard, kids. Leave the guard raised with love, watchful in charity. And they will always stay away from those surprises that take you out of your mind.

Where are the chubby ones? There is the gluttony, it is not my children, linked to excessive eating, to alcohol abuse. That damned ego that is not satisfied with enough, with the necessary. You always need more. Life needs limits, is not it children? In everything, in everything! And our body is a beautiful instrument to teach us the limits, because if we abuse it, it shows us to rebalance us. Look what a beautiful thing God gave you. The body teaches you to stay healthy, to maintain health, or else it charges the excesses of this life later!

The father here speaks chubby and you already think of a chubby person. But children, the father here wants to explain that chubby is the one who always wants to have more than he needs.

The one who buys without needing. The one who wants to have everything in great quantity, children. And the father does not just talk about matter, children, he talks about the mind as well. The chubby with sadness. The chubby one with fear. The chubby one of peace. All, children, in excess, is imbalance. And this message that the seven sins brings to you, when you say of gluttony, is to remember that. Always seek balance, children, neither more nor less. When you want more for you, more than necessary, you're missing the other brother on the other side of the planet. Remember the energy grid, kids? So it is, children. When you go hungry here, there's someone over there eating there. When you get very happy here, and just want to know about partying, there are people working with the sweat of the flesh to bring that abundance of gluttony to you, son. So think about it. To seek the balance of gluttony, it is also to make charity, son. Bring balance to the planet, children.

And envy? You ignore the blessings of your lives and look at the others' backyard that is greener! But is it even greener, my children? Do we know of each other's pain? Envy is part of the trial, is not it? Of wanting what is not yours. That's an ugly thing! You have to make do with what God gave you to learn!

Each one has what is necessary for its evolution, because God knows what you need. So you train the acceptance, which is so necessary on this side of here! Without the will of others, are not you my children? But that damned ego has a record of not being content with what God has given you, not looking at the blessings of your life, and wanting what is the other's. It needs acceptance in life, children, and love in the heart of wanting the good of all! This is what Christ taught us!

And there is the laziness that is what you call procrastination, not children. What makes you do not want to do anything, that you leave behind. And this, my children, occurs because they are sad, without love in the heart, children. When you do something with love and gratitude in your heart, you are not lazy. So, my children, start thinking because you have to do what you are lazy. Remember that everything is learning. Everything is connected in the ego, not children. Why do you think you can choose what you have to do to learn that lesson? They spend all their time criticizing because they do not accept the lessons that are put to you to learn. They are too lazy to do that.

Do you know, children, that laziness is something that only happens in its illusion?

For its nature, children, is to be always active, always doing something. If you stop, stop this incarnation as well. What's the use of coming here and being lazy to do things, children?

That happens, son, because you still look for something in the hearts of you that you have not found.

The daughter here who is writing, learned a way to not be lazy ... pity that she does not always remember to put that learning into practice .. hehehhe

She wakes up in the morning and goes to meditate. It begins to repeat mentally that the day will be productive and harmonious, full of peace and time will surrender as never yielded. And that at the end of the day she will be so willing and satisfied with a sense of duty fulfilled.

When that daughter thinks that, it creates her reality, for our mind is powerful, children. You create yes ... when she remembers doing this, she turns her day. Transmute laziness and it seems that everything works out. She finishes the joyful day, and ends up remembering for a moment, in the end, that she did this early morning mentality. But the next day forget again .. hihihi

Constancy in practice and vigilance will help you children. Just remember to do. The techniques you already have, is just to do, children.

And now let's talk about vanity. This little sister here thinks she has no vanity, thinks she's humble, but ask her how many pairs of shoes she has ... hihihi. But this is for gluttony.

Vanity is that feeling that is never good for you children. But not the fact of buying things, but when you, even buying, look before you in the mirror and do not think good. When you are a beautiful creature, but you can not see it. They do not know how to separate pride from self-love, children. You need not be afraid of self-love. Vanity is negative, yes, but if you start thinking only about what you can be good compared to others, you will never be happy. There is always the brother who is better or worse in the narrow point of view you have, children.

But before God all are equal, from the least to the greatest.

But children, think that today you are here to bring love. To bring love first into you. Without starting there, how can you take love out? What would vanity be to you children? Is it to show out that beauty that you think is beauty? But if you yourself do not decide to look at your inner beauty, how will you want others to look? Do you always want to be looked at by what you are on the outside? And when do you leave this body? How will it be? What beauty are you going to be able to show, children? You will see in that moment how beautiful you really are, and much more than you could imagine that it would be possible for a physical body to attain beauty.

For the beauty of the spirit is without words to define, children. It is such a beautiful light, children, that there is no way to write here. When you live this, children, you will see that vanity is really just a matter of matter.

And that matter is illusory. So there's the truth, children, vanity is also illusory. Just decide to let go and it goes away, easy easy. Hihihi

Children, we have so much to talk about this subject. Let's just keep talking about it in more opportunities for you children. But for today that's what the old black man wanted to bring to you to make it clear to the children that you're here for a time, children, to have these experiences of what they call sins, but it's all to learn more and more, children. And to have always the conscience that this is only here in the matter, and that its spirit is only pure light of beauty without words to describe.

And we need only remember that in all these experiences, you are learning to love, you are learning to balance, to differentiate what you are and what is the mind. You make contact with yourselves, are not you my children? So let's thank that beautiful experience that is life in matter, where you have the opportunity to learn about yourself.

Stay in peace and in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Save the people of Angola.

Save the people of Aruanda.

Save the orishas and beloved old black parents.

Save the light and the love within each of you, children.

And let's go there! Namastê!




Father José from Aruanda

Channels: Thiago Strapasson and Michelinha OM - December 01, 2016.