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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The seven capital sins and the relation with the energy points (chakras) - Father José from Aruanda

My dear ones, greetings!

We came here today to show you a system of insertion of consciousness into the planet's holographic network. We wanted to talk about how the energy imbalance of their bodies drags their consciousness to perpetuate some vices related to matter.

You attach yourself to the grid of the planet by a set of bodies connected by energy points. These points where they open their bodies, so to speak, link their consciousness to the character they assumed within the network of illusion that are inserted.

To facilitate: When you first gain a body, you have to enter the game of illusion, and you have to adapt that body to the net of the planet. Then their consciences are attached to these bodies, through a subtle body called plasma. The plasma body will induce your consciousness to assume the human appearance. And then you enter that wheel of life that is called Earth.

But in this difficult story that we have just told you, you are also linked to a planetary holographic network, where are anchored 07 main points that humanity has decided to overcome.

These points we have come to talk to you and are called the seven deadly sins. At the time we explained that they are not vices of the soul, but rather imbalances that humanity decided to overcome as learning for their spiritual evolution. You overcome these material vices and become subtle and remembering that they are spirits, and thus returning to the original condition before wearing this plasma body. This is a summary just to understand how the mechanism of being human works.

So we are saying here that there are 07 material vices that the children individually need to detach to abandon a collective grid that they hold in their bodies. They are: lust, anger, laziness, envy, gluttony, avarice and pride or vanity. These are the collective vices, which the souls in this project have decided to overcome.

And that is why you see so many strange things on this planet, so much pain, so much struggle, much suffering, much doubt. Because they are souls who struggle to rebalance, in the face of the strength of the collective conscience, and thereby elevate and purify themselves spiritually.

There are many other vices, but these were the ones that humanity decided to overcome. On other planets, other experiences, are other vices of matter. But in that which you live, these are the principal ones, anchored in the conscience of all humanity and that lead you to so much dispute among themselves. Because these vices are the ones that sustain the ego, sustain the human character that is in his plasma body dragging his conscience to and fro.

Remember, children, that this is only the character you created so that you can live the experience completely, adding the learning that comes along with it. And that they can take those learnings into their history, into their records.

For we remember that you are here only to acquire these learning, and then you will continue your journey towards the evolution of the spirit, which is eternal.

But as long as you do not get over all these things, you will not finish this homework, children. Some of you go through various incarnations living experiences to clear specific aspects, but leave other aspects aside, which causes them to repeat the incarnational cycle several times until learning is complete.

It's like spending a year at school, kids. You have several subjects to study, if you take low grades in one of them, or in some of them, you will have to repeat all the subjects again next year. In the next year, while repeating the subjects that took low grades, they take advantage to acquire more experience and learning in those that already were good.

And so, those matters that were good will be your support in the balance, it will be your force field, which will cause you to feel motivated to continue moving forward, without letting up afterwards and without being discouraged, children.

You will always have those aspects that you have already overcome and are here only to practice, and they are your gifts, children. These are the specific points you have come to teach.

Therefore, children, we say that you are masters, because all have strengthened aspects, which has been strengthening for several incarnations, and also have those fragilized aspects that came here to heal.

People who go through your lives, love relationships, parents, relatives, children, friends and work, are exactly the ones who work to bring to you what you need to strengthen, those weakened aspects. But there are also those who are with you to bring back the remembrance of the positive aspects, and with it bring the determination, the joy of living, because so they are always in balance remembering that despite the points to overcome, there are also those points that shine and that Light your way. While working on your weaknesses, your strengths illuminate and it is the force that drives you into this life, children.

As you go through experiences in healing physical life, cleaning up the points you need to treat, you are adding more life experiences and people around you that resonate with what you become after that learning. Therefore, children need to change profession, change of relationship, change of course in life.

As you learn, you change your goals and your planning experiences in this life.

This is a crystallizing process that all the souls of this orb have passed. Where the soul absorbs in the mental plane the energies of all the dimensions involved in the project: vegetal, mineral, human, subtle and others. The soul is endowed with the collective mental pattern and begins to absorb energy from all the planes involved and these energies will sustain the bodies in the various reincarnational cycles. The plasma body, also known as the spiritual body, will accompany the being from birth to disincarnate, when the being will maintain the same characteristics that it had of the physical body, through the plasma body.

The plasma body is transforming along with the experiences you are experiencing, and this reverberates to your physical body, which becomes healthier and more balanced.

In that pattern, my children, this body will reflect in color, that everything that you have absorbed during your life. The body will turn dark gray depending on the negative feelings held by the children or it may turn crystalline white representing the purity they have maintained throughout life. You focus on these bodies the feelings and emotions that lived in physical life on Earth.

These colors, children, are not definitive during an entire incarnation, but they change, according to their mental state of the present moment. The color corresponds to your moment. If you are calm, balanced, the color is crystal clear. If disturbed, worried, the color is gray. Everyone has the possibility to experience all the sensations and also to resonate with all the colors in some moments of the life. Everyone has the possibility to feel light and floating when in a meditative state, but also experience denser sensations when they are irritated. All this, children, is part of the experience and there is nothing wrong. The question is, the search for the most balanced state possible. The less color changes, children, the more you are adding a definitive color to your plasma body. For you know, children, the fact is that you do not know when you will be disincarnated. So the quest for a calm and balanced state must be constant.

But this plasmatic body has 07 major anchoring points in physical life. These points you call chakras can sustain the vices of matter, or they can detach themselves to manifest on the physical plane their divine consciousness. The points will become dark and closed or illuminated and clear depending on the degree of involvement of that point with the grid of all other planes involved in the incarnational experience on Earth.

But this plasma body my children will also be able to be regenerated through the energy rebalancing of these points, which you call chakras. You rebalance your energy points by rebalancing your behaviors and sustaining good vibrations in these aspects. The chakras can be liberated and thus the spiritual being liberates their divine consciousness for manifestation on Earth.

The liberation of the chakras which I explain here children, is the definitive liberation from the inside out. It is when you work the aspects of the 7 sins and then you are activating more and more the chakra that at some point will be cleaned and finally released. And this release, children, is like a definite anchoring with your plasma body. For they will no longer bring past life experiences to be cleansed there. He is clean and free to add new learning.

Then the children attach themselves to this mesh through the energetic points of their plasma body. By working the energy of these chakras, the children will be disconnected from the matrix of suffering and helping to anchor the crystalline matrix, because we have already explained that the seven sins are collective proofs that mankind has decided to transcend.

But, my children, there are no isolated vices, but they are all agglutinated in their bodies and the imbalance of a chakra can cause the vice of more than one of the 7 behaviors. Then the sexual unbalance will generate an anxiety in the feeding and the avarice will cause the anger and so on. But as they re-equilibrate in these points they are being released and the addictions are being transcended, right?

So the children know that we have 7 main energy points that are linked to physical life. There are not only 7, but these 7 that we will work on now are connected to the vices of matter and it is they who hold the children in this wave of incarnations and reincarnations. For as long as you do not transcend the vices of matter you remain trapped in this wave of comings and goings because of the plasma body keeping you closed in the mental field of humanity and the gifts of the spirit.

That is why disincarnated spirits, who have not yet been able to free themselves from the energetic network and are still here with us in this dimension, end up having the feelings of anger aroused because they are with the other chakras misaligned and to be worked. This sensation in them causes complete imbalance and does not allow them to leave here and move toward the spiritual colonies or other destinations to continue their journeys of evolution. They end up getting stuck here.

That is why mediumistic passes, the application of reiki energy and the work of aligning chakras is so important in all people, whether or not accompanied by disincarnated spirits.

Aligning these points in the plasma body can mean a lighter, more balanced life for the incarnated, and it can also mean an instant release of the energetic mesh in the disembodied spirits.

Do you understand what I'm saying here, children? When they line up the chakras, they balance the plasma body of disembodied spirits through therapies, freeing them to follow their evolutionary journeys, they are routed with love and balance.

Let's see then what these energy points are that we talk about and how they should be worked out to unlock.

1st Ira - Base Chakra

The first of these is linked to anger, which is the base chakra, in the region of the lower organs. All other capital sins are connected to Ira, because it is linked to the base chakra that unites us to the planet and the life of the incarnated, that is why it is the first chakra, which connects them to the Central Sun and where is the Kundalini Energy, That awakened, departs from that point to align all other chakras to the coronary and the connection with the Higher Self.

Therefore, if any of the other 6 chakras is in imbalance, it can arouse the feeling of anger, for it is what binds all sensations to the incarnational experiences on this planet.

It so happens children: When you have a chakra in imbalance, with points related to the 7 sins, in treatment, to be worked, then this manifests itself in matter in the form of anger always children. For the base chakra is the outlet for earthly experience, it is the one that will put out the whole imbalance of the body. So sons, grounding is so important, the connection with the earth, with nature, the physical contact of the soles of the feet to the planet, causes that all energy of the chakras from above that are in treatment, and that sometimes is Accumulated, be released there.

Therefore, when we can not properly work the other chakras, it can arouse the feeling of anger (revolt) by not being able to develop things as we want or expect.

When you begin to realize how things work, children, is the beginning of your transformations. Realize that anger is the escape valve of the physical body in all people. And so the sense of relief they feel when they practice physical exercises or put some repressed energy out through crying, screaming, laughing, breaking objects, that there is nothing wrong with that, children, but it is necessary to put This energy out. But do not let that energy go out in ways that complicate your relationships with people, spilling out through coarse behavior with others, children. Accept that sometimes it is necessary to overflow, and then you will be clean to work on your healing.

When we do not accept to overflow in this way, children, we end up creating illnesses in the physical body. For the ego does not allow us to admit that there is something wrong there, they live in that false view of themselves that all is well. Retracing the feelings, trying to stay balanced before that inner sense of explosion. Some of you, children, begin to turn into false spiritualists, for in the bark you appear to be calm and balanced, but you are thus creating internal illnesses and ignoring what is happening within yourself.

The way forward, children is the middle, where they learn to release these repressed energies on their own, in the way that is best for you, but without wearing the false mask that it is okay for yourselves. There is nothing wrong with putting your feelings out, kids, as long as you do not take it to other people and work it out on yourself.

Some like to run, others to kick a ball, others to scream singing into a microphone, others to swim, and there are so many ways to do that, kids, but it comes from each of you to find out how you feel best.

The 2nd Gula - umbilical chakra.

This is related to all kinds of excesses.

Many problems not worked in this chakra, end up repercussions in diseases or intestinal problems, because it is the organ that is located there where this chakra is in the plasma body. So if in the plasma body you do not work for that balance, it has repercussions in the physical body and the first place hit, are the organs positioned near the chakra.

That goes for all the chakras, children, everything happens that way.
Therefore, people with gluttony problems, with obesity in the physical body, have problems in the gut. The excess, uncontrolled excess behavior that people have, ends up creating a physical illness in the gut, and it is sad to see children, when these people, to solve their problem, go there and cut a piece of bowel in the hospital. For they end up mutilating a piece of the physical body that would be healthy if they learned to control this chakra in the plasma body.

In such cases, complementary therapy for chakra balance and a psychology job would help much more than cutting off the poor brother's gut. For instead of treating the damaged organ, they end up working to make matters even worse, children.

What I bring here, dear children, is that every physical imbalance has cause in the plasma body. And healing will only happen when we treat the plasma body. And miracles will happen in the physical body when they do this.

If people have behaviors of non-eating excesses, but excesses in all ways that may exist, they will also eventually hit that part of the body, children. And it is sad to see, children, when they treat the heads of people who are excessive in something in the life, thinking that they are with mental imbalance, but that in fact is an imbalance there in the area of ​​the intestine, where this chakra is positioned. Unfortunately these people end up spending years of their lives dealing with something that will never be cured forever.

The 3rd Envy - Solar Plexus.

This point explores what the person would like to be or have. It is those people who cling excessively to what is in that moment and in that incarnation, forgetting that it is only an experience and that the state of Being and Being of the present is always provisional.

That, children brings dissatisfaction with the present moment. It is that cold feeling in the belly that gives when they are going towards something that is not what their soul came here to seek. When you have that disease called heartburn, gastritis. It is when they need to raise their alert radars, because when they feel it, children are because they are walking in their lives to do something that is not aligned with the nature of their soul. When they are going towards something and directing their lives to Be or Have something, but without love in the heart.

I'll give you an example, kids: When they work on something they do not like, they go every day to work and wake up in the morning with that feeling of heartburn in the stomach, they end up having to treat gastritis, and they think it's from the excess of coffee. But that is actually caused because every day wake up in the morning to try to build something that you are not. Trying to be or have something, not following their hearts.

This is a real prison, children, the arrest that makes them think they have to go through it to be something in life, or to have a status or a beautiful house or a beautiful car. When you live in this illusion thinking that this life that is not real and that you have created in your minds, is compromising your balance, and compromising that balance, will make you stay here, lives after lives repeating year in this matter, children.

They forget that this is just experience, children. You are not lawyers, you are not judges, nor politicians, nor researchers, nor economists, nor doctors. You are only in these activities to treat the unbalanced points of your chakras in the plasma body. And, therefore, if they decide to be something in this life that is not aligned with the heart, they will cease to treat what they came here to deal with and still unbalance this point of the solar plexus chakra.

4 ° Avarice - Heart chakra.

Attachments are explored in this chakra. The healing experiences bring the reflection of what we are attached to. So when we lose someone we are attached to, we feel the heart chakra hurt. When we feel ownership of some person and let the attachment dominate our life, and then we lose, we feel with pain in the heart. This also happens when we cling to material objects, jobs, relationships, routines, places, etc. Heart pain is attachment, are my children right?

To deal with this, children, just remember that the heart is your connection to the Creator, to your mentors, to God, to your true purpose in this incarnation. And this connection, children, will make them gradually detach from all that illusion they have created, detach themselves from relationships, from material things, from everything that is physical and provisional.

When they decide to treat all this, children, they also work on their understanding of their role in this life, of their true purpose. You begin to be guided to your happiness, to abundance, to bringing love to everything around you because you are so connected with love, and with God, you begin to be the people sought by others to relieve pain in the Heart.

This is one of the main chakras you need to treat, children, for it is what will bring the feeling of love, which is its essence. And so it will make you meet in what you are. And this encounter is what will make you feel complete and sufficient with yourself, making detach from everything that was previously attached. This is the most beautiful chakra, children, it's beautiful and the father here works in his line, with love.

5 ° Lust - Laryngeal Chakra.

This chakra, children, is in the region of the throat. It is related to expression. This point explores the manipulation, the lie. Lust is tied to the exacerbation of those who need to show off, flaunt, show out that they are something. When we want to show the world that we are better than we think. It will also trigger sexually overeating and corruptive behavior. It is through this chakra that we manifest the hidden interest, the manipulation, when we manipulate people to our personal interests.

When we treat him, children, it is necessary to anchor love. Realize that in the first place he sees the feeling of satisfaction in seeing everyone happy. And then that feeling of wanting to take advantage of everything ends up fading, children. For he who does not work this chakra, is the subject who speaks, speaks, manipulates people, convinces and then has people in his hand, and does what he wishes. That's why it's a big responsibility, kids.

Politicians, leaders, have developed this chakra because they have the power of speech, manipulation, persuasion of people. But they must use this for good, for the use for their own benefit is precisely the imbalance of the plasma body at that point, children.
Whoever needs to handle this, kids, can start singing, help knows kids. For it activates the point so as to let out the energy accumulated there. Not even sing alone in the shower, kids, but this helps to release the still energy there that can bring the imbalance.

6th Pride or vanity - Front chakra.

This chakra is positioned in the center of the forehead, between the two eyes and above the nose. It is related to the connection between material and spiritual life, with the vision beyond the physical eyes. When it is unbalanced, we live to not die and we die without having lived, because we close ourselves to the truth of life, which is all this illusion that is the physical life. We close ourselves to the truth of the spiritual life and only see the physical life without paying attention to everything that exists in creation. Life is seen from a material point of view, with attachment. We do not believe in the beyond of life, we see matter as the end of life and we are proud, vain, we are left empty in an illusory appearance. The people who have a very marked imbalance in the frontal are people closed to charity, to the brotherhood, who only see physical life and nothing else, forget that we are all brothers and that we should love ourselves.

Therefore, children, we bring so much of our teaching that we are all ONE, and here we remember that everything we do in life is for the benefit of the planet, as the father has already brought in the teaching of the energetic mesh. The son who does something is finding himself the most, looking at himself and only satisfying himself by perceiving by looking in the mirror that he is following the path of happiness himself, but forgetting everything that is around, is what brings the Distorted view of reality. This is the thought of some leaders who brought much suffering to mankind, children, for when they had opportunity to develop their gifts, and realized how powerful they were, they began to use it only for their own benefit, without stopping to observe the great imbalance Which exists outside your closed field of vision.

They are those who, when they perceive themselves as surpassing others, leave behind those who were together on the journey, and look only for themselves, who have now become self-sufficient and no longer need anyone, but who need help from them Go on, for others are always lacking in love and affection.

7 ° Laziness - Coronary chakra.

The laziness we say here is not just that lack of will to do something. But we say of mental laziness also of looking at ourselves as something else, of looking into ourselves and seeking the higher truth itself within our being. Laziness closes us to our soul purpose, to what we are projected. We cease to listen to our essence connected to the higher bodies and the divine mind. We are closed to these higher purposes.

Spiritual laziness, children, is what makes many of you just followers, to believe everything they say to you, to repeat ready-made sentences, to look at others and to think that they are elevated beings when we think of spiritual and holy guides, But who is lazy to seek this aspect within yourselves, children.

The Master Jesus came to teach us that a simple human being can become a master, but that the way is to look inside oneself, to face the fears and to be open to change. Get out of the comfort zone and accept your own faults. And rather turn them into light.

So many of you, children, help with charity work, take love to people, but leave there hidden as a spoiled root so many inferior feelings that are afraid to look. Are you leaving until when, children? Do you forget you are here to heal yourselves in the first place?

You will be surprised to see the beautiful being of light that will become when you decide to treat those rotten roots and put out the inner light that is hidden there, trapped within these roots, as if it were in a labyrinth.

Seek within yourself your true purity, "dig deep", children, and look within yourself in a true way. There is nothing to hide from themselves, nobody will know, just you.

We here on the spiritual plane see you with all those roots hidden there, there are no secrets for us children, and we are here to help you purify all that there, but it needs to come from you children.

We are always working to help you, but laziness needs to be overcome on your part, children. Stop wanting the ready answers to your life. They want the easy life, avoiding the internal confrontations. For this is only a false illusion, children. It only masks for a while who you are.

Look into yourselves with love. Expose to yourself the aspects that are hidden, courageous children.

So, my children, it is these vices of matter that keep them attached to the collective system that was created by humanity itself. Each such addiction is an anchor point that humans, individually and collectively, need to transcend. By working the cleansing of these energy points we will be balancing ourselves in physical life. This can be done through life struggles, with specific therapies or with exercises that will be passed on later.

Be at peace my children.

Father José from Aruanda

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - December 27, 2016.

Collaboration: Tania Campos and Lara Rosa Branca.

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