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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Primordial Purpose of the Light Source – Gautama Buddha

The Primordial Purpose of the Source of Light, which he calls God / Father / Mother, is the sustenance of all the primordial Divine Qualities of all Creation.

The Primordial Light of Sustaining Creation radiates all the Spheres of Creation, passing through the Archangelic Realms, the Realms of Creation, the Realms that have the primordial codes of sustaining creative environments, and the Realms that experience Creation.

In any Sphere of Light of Source to the universal purpose of material life there is, however, the sustenance of the Primal Divine Qualities of the Source.

All is the execution of these primordial Divine Qualities which in the Archangelic Kingdom is subdivided, for the purpose of anchoring the primordial Qualities in the various experiences of the Cosmos, radiating the Ascended Realms and life in matter.

From the Archangelic Kingdom, there is the support of the divine elements of Force, Faith, Grace, Wisdom and Transcendence in Enlightenment, Love in fullness of being, Purity that leads to the resurrection and elevation of the soul, Knowledge and His Ethical Nobility, from Devotion to Source and the Creator in admiration, and from the Transmutation that drives Creation.

In addition to the primordial features sustained in the Kingdoms of Light, more elemental and closer to the Source, there are those who use these energetic features of the Light to create the environments projected by the higher Divine Minds. Creation is thus: a harmonious set of elements, which maintains the Divine Characteristics of Creation, so that it may experience, in various forms, the grace of the experience of consciousness.

You, Beloved Ones, are those who receive the grace to experience the Divine Energies in a condensed and dense way. The manifestation of graces in this environment is slower, for matter, which they experience, is harder to transform, and then the process of transmutation of all that they live takes place in a much more paused and cadenced form.

But from the Source to the life they experience and experience, there is nothing that is not supported by the primordial elements of the God / Father / Mother Source, which we will present in a synthesized way in these brief words.

From the Source One, which sustains all the Divine Qualities of Consciousness, the Archangelic Kingdom is the one who sustains these Qualities, through the Primordial Consciousnesses. The Archangels are able to radiate these characteristics of essences from the Source, in an individualized and specific way. It is from the Archangels that the Force and the Faith will be obtained by the consciences, the Grace of Purity, the Universal Wisdom. They are the 12 main supporters of the Primordial Divine Elements.

Yes, Beloved, 12 fundamental elements and no, 7. Everything in the Universe is maintained by the sequence 12. If you analyze all the Universal Geometry, it will be maintained by the number 12. There are 12 main Divine Characteristics, As hitherto taught him.

Strength and Faith, Wisdom, Love, Purity and Ascension, Devotion, and Transmutation are the main characteristics linked to the flow of consciousness.

But beyond the aforementioned devotional characteristics, we will have the Primordial Characteristics of Creation, which are the ones that manage the elements to sustain life. These characteristics inform about the constitution of one's own experience and not about the fundamental elements of one's own experience.

The Archangelic Kingdom will be linked to the experience itself, but the Creation Realms will be linked to the creation itself, constituting the 5 elements that, until then, have not been presented, because it is not the right time for understanding.

They are: the Agglutination, the Projection, the Constitution, the Beginning and the Experience. How would they be able to give attainment to the basic elements of matter, if it had not been constituted by experience before? There are 12 Primordial Elements of the Source: 7 linked to the Primordial Qualities of Experience and 5 to Creation itself.

The first five precede their own experience and allow it to unfold.

All the Angelic Realms, Ascended and of the very life itself, are those that execute the experience in itself. They radiate, from their Light, their own experience. But there are the Critical Realms that prepare the experience itself.

So some may wonder: Why is it only now that the Knowledge of Creation is brought in? I say to you: Because you have reached a point you are already able to create consciously, and other keys must open to the universal understanding, to use them in the re-creation of experience.

The primordial aspects can be seen when we observe each human being in his basic characteristics, and when we consider that all are primordial beings, because they are source of Power, source of Light and source of Divine Wisdom.

Therefore, after the transcendence of all 7 aspects related to what they call the 7 chakras, and which are connected to the planetary energy mesh materialized in 7 capital sins, the work of the 5 other elements arises, which will allow them to seek the Ascended Realms within the Their own consciences, even still present in matter, incarnated among so many others in experiences of this same process in more advanced stages or not.

Be open, from the moment you realize the opportunities to work each new aspect, which will also illuminate ancient information recorded in your DNA, through experiences in this immersion in matter, and in the 7 aspects of the 7 chakras .

Each of the 5 new elements presented is linked to what are known as the 12 Cosmic Rays, but are now presented in a different way so that they can apply in their lives and then work for their own ascension.

I am Gautama Buddha

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Dec 27, 2016

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca and Angelica T. Tosta

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