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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The New Rays of Change - The Call of Aurora - Archangel Gabriel

There are the first rays of dawn that enter the gaps to call them upon awakening. It is the first lights that tell us that a new day begins. How beautiful is this moment, where so many are called to receive the Love of Christ in their hearts, for a new beginning, a new pulse of joy and enthusiasm.

This dawn will expand, causing them to open their eyes slightly, as on a lazy Sunday morning, to stretch and slowly open to the new day that begins.

You are invited, in this Light of the dawn, to look, to look, to look with amazement at the old schedules that have dominated them. This dawning is the awakening to what you are, where you review your beliefs about yourself: not being loved, not being able, building up unfaithful relationships, being poor, imperfect. This is the call of the dawn, which "knocks through the crevices of their windows," calling them to renew themselves and replace the old schedules with wiser and more loving schedules.

These new rays will show that they are loved, abundant, capable of bringing the best into their lives, that they can receive Love, that they have everything they need to get up and enjoy a beautiful Sunday in the sun.

It is this energy to be struck by the first rays of awakening, to "open the window of life" with gratitude, blessing the life around you, breathing with happiness and leaving with joy to enjoy the day. This is the call of the dawn, the renewal, the reprogramming of their lives, from the revision of the beliefs that restrain them.

You will discover that you are capable of loving and being loved, building positive things in your life, trusting and accepting, giving and receiving, staying balanced, living in peace.

This is the call of the dawn, that of awakening, but not of what was outwardly wrong, but rather, within you. And then you will be able to be sure that the outer world is a reflection of your inner, your beliefs, your "planted" schedules generation after generation. Awakening is the call of purification, from the planting to harvesting and transmuting the old fruits to more beautiful and healthy ones.

It is thus, My Beloved Ones, that you will be renewing yourself, knowing yourself, transmuting your old behaviors, changing your old settings. Addictions that are not simple to be modified, that require persistence, confidence and, above all, Faith in God.

You behaved in this illusion, as if human life were that simple birth and death, living without knowing of tomorrow, not knowing why or not knowing how. A neural network of reactive behaviors was created in their bodies, as if the reaction were the natural rather than the acceptance and flow. Their bodies have been programmed into certain reactions which are now revised and modified because they start to bother them. This nuisance leads them to sadness, loneliness, the feeling of affective lack, to feeling smaller. But all this is brought as a blessing to their lives, because it is the birth of the new, it is the rays of the dawn that invite them to awaken to the pattern of soul, essence and Love.

The way, My Brothers, must be trodden with confidence in the flow, that you are able to look at what does not do you good, and see in it the blessing of renewal, transmutation, modification of its external, from the Change of what they are. The great blessing of coming into contact with what you do not accept in yourselves, which you do not like, for this is the great "door of awakening": to make contact with your own difficulties and thus to be born for the resurrection of the soul.

Old programs such as "I am not loved," "I am not worthy," "I am not able to achieve my goals," "I lead a life of restraint," led to fear, anger, irrational Unbalanced But now these programs, which have been implanted, are altered by the call of the Dawn, which leads them to revise these old beliefs, replacing them with higher standards of being. Fear is transformed into Grace, Faith, control into Acceptance and Deliverance, because you review your lives and place yourself in the Divine Flow of Love, accept and, from there, you are reborn in the Grace of God's Blessings, which always Was kept in renewal in their hearts.

This is the call of the dawn of the New Age: the change of their mental programming, where they will feel capable of feeling, of flowing, of being, of allowing themselves, modifying old addictions by other behaviors consistent with Love, with understanding and Purest charity of the soul.

The modification of these old vices of matter - sensuality, gluttony, harshness of humor - is not always a smooth path, but the Light that bathes your world, will lead you to this new pulse of Love to shine as you are: Pure Love of God in his image and likeness.

I am Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of the Annunciation who calls them to awaken their beliefs and restraints, so that they open themselves to the world as the princes of the new time that is approaching.

Stay in peace, my wise brothers.

With all the love.

Archangel Gabriel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Dec 15, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita