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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The effect of agglutination - Lady Kuan Yin and Lady Master Rowena

* Continuing the study initiated by Gautama Buddha in the message received:
The Primordial Purpose of the Light Source – Gautama Buddha

Dear ones, you ask me what this whole new name would be, and try to find explanations for that word, but all connected to your mind.

The agglutination, as we bring here, is rather the first among the 5 new layers which they must overcome, plus one of what they understand as a chakra, but this time, something that is linked not to their physical body but to their auric field.

Its auric field has layers of connection with the Higher Self, and the first connection is that of agglutination.

This point, or vortex, is called that way because it is that which unites the seventh chakra (the crown), to the subtlest foreground of his consciousness.

And so, the first step in working to transcend the materiality of the physical body is precisely to establish this connection, because it is the one that will open the doors to the new.

You ask me if, from now on, you could consider that you have already overcome all the other aspects that bind you to the energetic network, which are linked to the 7 deadly sins and the 7 main chakras. But the answer, children, is that they have not yet established the complete disconnection of such learning.

As we have already brought in other channels, your experience in the matter will always be accompanied by several opportunities to work these aspects connected to the physical body until the moment of its disincarnation. Regardless of the state to which you have already reached of ascension.

This first stage where we begin to work a new aspect of your Being is where it will take all the others already worked, so we see again a brief summary of all 7 already overcome, but that now will be brought to a different state of understanding.

They will all be raised to the new level of experience, where we will work the agglutination.

This experience will bring about the complete disconnection in physical senses to what is now working from the 7 chakras. You will no longer feel the impulses of the matter you have been feeling. The cleaning becomes complete.

We unite all of them to the agglutination so that they are worked in a dimension of different understanding. It is still part of you, but you will be enlightened and elevated to your chakra that is already disconnected from the physical body. But still attached to your energy thread where there is all your experiences, which is your DNA. Therefore, it is still part of you, but not of the physicist who is only your experience in the matter.

With this work, we will develop the agglutination so that it elevates all other aspects, so that it begins to observe all the reactions linked to the 7 chakras as natural of the human being, but already with the feeling that it is no longer part of you.

This is only the beginning of this new work, but it is a very important stage, because it is the one that disconnects you from the physical sensations, impulsivities, that will not be taken with the energy wave that carries so many consciences every day on this planet.

It will come to perceive itself as a being of light, as part of the whole, but not as a puppet of those energies that travel the planet and are created by the thought forms of all humanity.

It will add in its auric field a new energy, but which must always be practiced with an open heart and much love. Raising every aspect to this level of consciousness.

Dear Ones, by observing the external behaviors connected to the 7 chakras in isolation and realizing how they work, by choosing not to get involved, and lovingly looking at all of these as experiences, you are already disconnecting yourself from these energies. You have already done this, put into practice daily. These moments are precisely when the agglutination is already working.

Agglutination is nothing more than the union of all other aspects in one perception, that perception that everything is only an experience, and that from this point of view, all other aspects are completely equal. They no longer identify any of them, they begin to observe only as aspects that are part of life in matter, but together they form an energetic sphere that vibrates more or less at certain points depending on the energy of the person who carries it or the environment.

This view of the whole will make you realize that you no longer identify with these sensations, with these behaviors. Already connected and working the agglutination.

This is only the first stage and important because it carries all this baggage, and therefore, should never be put into oblivion. It is a chakra that must always be worked, practicing this visualization of how everything works. Training this look that all other aspects are one in one and represent something already overcome that is the experience in matter.

In every sign they observe in their minds of connection to some of the first 7 chakras, as they have already learned in the published material, which are related to specific behaviors, they must bring the agglutination connection and observe as a whole and no longer each behavior in isolation . When you observe and identify a thought related to the seven in an isolated way, simply attach it to the sphere of agglutination, and remember what it represents, which in fact it only represents one of the behaviors of matter, which is not different from the others and Is part of all this incarnational experience already overcome and unified in agglutination.

Bring that thought to your mind. Always work on this awareness. This first stage will be practice, where you will be able to observe various experiences happening and where you will be trained to put everything in this perspective of the unifying sphere of the 7 aspects that is the agglutination.

Do you understand, my beloved children? Because the living environment is supplanted day by day, experience the experience. But as they become more subtle, something is going to make them softer to their own development. You incorporate the blessings of love into your lives and thus agglutinate your experiences.

The energetic points in their bodies were separated by subtle bodies, each linked to one aspect of experience. But these energetic bodies were seen as being each unique and distinct. It really was.

For you did not connect them to love, speech, food, sex, joy itself were activities disconnected from love, destroyed from the connection to your heart chakra. You do not unify your bodies and energy points to the loving energy of the heart, for it remained inert, closed, repressed from the purpose of soul.

These points of energy destroyed from attachment to the love center led to aggression, sensuality, overeating in food, and spiritual disconnection, since they were bodies in imbalance.

But as you unify these points of light and their bodies the loving energy of the heart and open to the feeling of the purpose of soul you agglutinate the experience in matter to a single feeling, love. It is through the love of the heart that agglutination occurs and then you supersede the vices of matter. In this state, pride is transformed into wisdom and humility, technicality in questioning through knowledge, struggle in peace, anger in flux and lightness, and so on.

Through the contact with the heart, with the emotions and feelings you connect the experiences to the heart, the flame of God kept in your hearts and then the experiences are unified progressively in complete understanding.

Speech is devoid of revenge and is filled by acceptance, food will become more balanced and so the vices of matter will be integrated and illuminated by the love of the heart. Life becomes lighter in this state.

Agglutination is the first step to cosmic consciousness because through love you will be raising experiences. It will be the same experiences, but now about the focus of gentleness, authenticity, inner truth. The fight becomes lighter and the heart becomes more receptive to outer events.

Agglutination is the unification of the energy points to love, to the heart.

For this sit, breathe calmly. If you can put soft music in a very calm environment. Go breathing and quieting.

Now focus all your attention on your heart. It is expanding to the point of radiating your stomach and larynx. Breathe again and remain in this state radiating love of the solar plexus and larynx. You're softer.

This expansion continues now to reach the frontal chakra on the forehead and the sacral point below the stomach. In this expansion we reach the coronary chakra in the center of its head and the base. Stay for a few minutes in this irradiating state. All their bodies are radiated by this flame of love, of peace. It is a great light that enters your heart to envelop your subtle bodies. You are now all enveloped by that energy that departs from the heart and unifies your vibration. Feel the relief that this agglutination brings. You have unified your energies and you can hold on for as long as it takes.

And as the experiences come you will do this irradiation, whenever you feel an inner maladjustment, try to calm down and radiate yourself with the very light of your heart.

At the end unite your heart to a point of light located a span of your coronary, your hairy choir. You are linking your heart to your light body by letting your Higher Self radiate all your bodies with love. You allow the unification of your heart to your cosmic consciousness and experiences in matter become softer. They continue to exist, they are there even more now you see them in a transcendent perspective, radiated by love. They no longer drag you, you fill them with love.

Unite your heart to that spot of light beneath your head and let it purify your heart from all hurt, all guilt, resentment. All these lower feelings are being delivered to his higher self so that he purifies them, so that there is the transmutation of everything to relieve them.

Deliver and if they come the tears let them come and the sign of purification, detachment, cleanliness. And say, I allow the transmutation of all my fears, of my fears, and I give you from the open heart my hardest feelings, darker so that they may be filled with love.

We are Kuan Yin and Rowena and we bless you right now.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - December 28, 2016.

Collaboration: Lara Rosa Branca

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