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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Buddha Grid and the Five Superior Chakras – Gautama Buddha

The buddha knit is the planetary grid that will connect to the five highest chakras in the following process:

Agglutination - eighth chakra

Agglutinating the vices of matter to elevate them to the Higher Self, maintaining and dignifying the experiences for the aggrandizement of the soul and the whole. The experiments are agglutinated to the eighth chakra above the coronary and delivered. There is liberation from the constraints of chakras linked to the planetary matrix, which are released and delivered with understanding and understanding.

Projection - ninth chakra

With the delivery of the agglutination of experiences is projected the release of the old vices of matter through contact with the body of light. The body of light will release the contact with the higher realms anchoring the experience to a higher vision. The emptiness, understanding and acceptance of the experiences provided by agglutination will project the divine graces through the ninth chakra. There will be the anchoring of the joy of life and the divine Grace of learning. The divine graces of experience are projected.

At this point, all your experiences are seen with joy, acceptance, and gratitude. You incorporate the Being of Light into your experiences, and you no longer bring any reactions to the same experiences you have experienced before. They have already gathered all the behaviors and experiences that are already part of its evolution and its ascensional history. In this way, design all these experiences for your body of divine light, so that it is only more information to be added to your Higher Self.

Each restriction, each treated aspect receives this process individually, so when you have already healed a specific aspect and already agglutinated and projected into your light body, you may still be dealing with other aspects simultaneously and at different stages.

Experiments, projection and agglutination occur in parallel in their lives and account for the total cleanliness and complete treatment of all aspects, which are seen individually, but which will unite to the whole in the body of light.

Constitution - tenth chakra

The constitution: it is the end of duality. The constitution of the being of light. With the agglutination of the experiences of the three-dimensional energy matrix and the balance projected by the body of light, the constitution of the energy balance begins. The feminine and masculine balance. There is deep contact with the I Am. The body of light is projected to the realms of light and contact with the source and the Whole is given. The realms of light project into Divine Grace. We become Love, the One, the All.

The constitution is no longer an aspect related to matter as the two previous ones, since it already collects information of the aspects already projected and, therefore, elevates them for the unification of the Being. The end of the duality is given because no longer live more experiences of this Type in the projected and constituted aspects. These are rather unified and you are already projected to the One Way I Am. They feel part of the whole, they feel unique with the whole existence of matter and with the universe. They no longer live the experience of duality and follow in a free way to live the reflection of what I Am.

This reflex occurs in the physical sensations, where you no longer perceive the physical reactions to predetermined events. They are free from duality, since they no longer struggle against the sensations of matter, all aspects related to the old energetic mesh.

Start- eleventh

The beginning is the connection with the healing of three-dimensionality. It is when the body of light in connection with the Whole protrudes into our physical life for resurrection. We resurface in our being of light by anchoring the elevated aspects of healing and wisdom in the physical life. The beginning does not all occur at the same time, but with every healing of experience that we agglutinate to our body of light giving it to the Whole. In this way, we begin the divine experience in our lives. It is as if at every point in our lives we become channels of divine consciousness. It is the beginning of liberation and resurrection.

From the experiences experienced in the constitution, they are already anchored completely to their I Am and become the reflection of the I Am incarnate. The actions, the experiences, will be all to distribute this learning. Like the great Masters, who are still connected to the Higher Self and matter, but who no longer live in duality and are not attached to the sensations related to the energetic mesh. All aspects have already been transmuted and come to life reborn from their own experiences.

You become from here the aspects you have learned to overcome, with all the baggage of your experiences and all connected to the higher Self and are reborn to a new life, as new people, new beings of light. There is no longer any trace of the Old Being. You become completely the manifested aspect of your Divine SELF.

Experience - twelfth chakra

It is the experience that is the connection with Christ, where we understand the opportunity to serve the Whole, to place ourselves in the flow of life in communion, to open ourselves to the pure purpose of charity and to integrate ourselves in love of the Whole. It is the definitive cure for the ascension of the soul in humility and bondage to God.

Only work with the Beginning will bring the experience. The Experience is nothing more than the Home aspect overcome and experienced with time. There will be a point, a moment in which you may already realize that you are the pure union with the Cosmic Christ. It will be the connection with the Christ who is the higher planetary aspect. Due to the experience anchored in your Higher Self, you are nourishing and contributing to the connection with the Christ, which will bring you to the level of Experience that is precisely living one with Christ that you could observe in all Ascended Masters. All have united to the Christ following this path of experiences and, therefore, the ascension is the next conclusive step of this trajectory. The Christ is the supreme connection to unite with planetary wisdom and not only to your Higher Self. Therefore, it is what will lead to transcend the incarnation and the experience on this planet.

The current energy grid was anchored on the 07 basic chakras: the base, the sacrum, the solar plexus, the heart, the laryngeal, the frontal and the coronary. Through these chakras you supported the energetic grid of proofs and atonements, purifying the basic aspects related to the main vices of matter.

The buddhic grid will be the way to the liberation of these lower aspects for the anchoring of light and communion with the whole.

The buddhic grid is the transition between the ancient energetic matrix and the crystalline matrix, for it will be releasing them from the ancient constraints of matter by healing experiences, clearing the DNA records, but without the loss of experience.

From the inner emptiness of the agglutination that unifies the body of light projecting itself to the whole, bringing the healing and resurrection to the love and humility contact of the Christ I Am. We integrate ourselves into the Whole, with love and understanding of experiences putting us as servants of Oneness, with Grace and dedication.

Each aspect, when worked, will bring the possibility of planetary elevation. Each one who treads this path and reaches the level of elevation and connection to the Cosmic Christ will contribute to planetary healing, which anchoring the energy of each Ascended Being and the path of ascension radiates healing for all mankind. The possibility of transforming the planet into the Kingdom of God lies in the people who choose to follow this path, which is not only the interior purification and ascension, but the liberation of the entire planet.

Be in peace my brethren.

I am Gautama Buddha

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Dec 28, 2016.

Text revision: Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto

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