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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Free yourself to follow the flow of life - Michele Martini

What I learned last year.

I have learned that loving is not possessing. And yes release, release.

I learned that to live is not to follow a script programmed by our mind, but to follow the heart, to let it take our days, with lightness and freedom.

I learned that joy can be something permanent and not a sensation that we have only for a few moments. Joy does not correspond to the verb "to feel" but to the verb "to be." We can be joyful and have no joy. From the moment we discover what we really are, we accept ourselves as we should be, which is our pure and divine essence.

I learned that getting something does not mean owning it physically but being part of it. We do not have a piece of land, we are the piece of land. We are the planet, we are our house, we are the plant pot, we are the neighbor, the friend and the enemy. We are one.

So, with all these discoveries, what could bring me unhappiness, anxiety, anguish, fear, sadness? Absolutely nothing.

I learned to amuse myself with my experiences, to laugh at tears. To cry only with joy. To accept and understand the flow of life, how everything works. I came to understand that everything happens to a flow of energy and nothing we can feel as a consequence of that can change the flow, but only cause an emotional reaction within ourselves that we will need to work on later.

It seems that there is no point in studying some abstract things, because before me lies the truth. I discovered the secret of how everything works.

And then I wonder. But and now? I will not suffer anymore? Will not I make mistakes any more?

No. I will not fool myself. I will continue to err, suffering, crying, sometimes letting myself be carried away by the energy that is present at that moment and that is external to me. But I will not regress anymore. All slips, all mistakes, tears and sufferings will be brief. At times I realize that I do not have the same reactions to certain situations in my life. I can no longer have certain reactions, because I have broken the cycle of repetitions of those behaviors.

And how did I break it? I broke from the moment I realized how everything works. From the moment I discovered that the lessons are repeated until I have understanding and maturity to observe the lesson coming, materializing in my life again and being able to accompany it to form until it comes to fruition, and that is when I can choose to have The same reaction as always or for the first time choose to react differently.

A different reaction to something we always repeat breaks the cycle. This break in cycle will make you no longer need to experience that experience. It makes you free.

From that moment everything begins to clear, the way lights up. Life lights up, we float, we smile, we celebrate. For we ourselves no longer recognize ourselves. We looked in the mirror and we only managed to laugh and shed tears of joy. For that cycle broke. We felt in our heart in that moment that something changed. We feel free, and as much as we try to think of old reactions, we can only think of smiling and crying with joy, dancing and celebrating the new being that flourished there as if it were a miracle or something unattainable.

The mask falls, is dropped on the floor and dissolved to never again exist. It is definitely the death of the old self.

This is liberation. In the face of all suffering, in the face of the memory of painful experiences we had in life, everything becomes no longer meaningful. And when we remember, we can only think that it looks like we are watching a movie about a sad story, but completely disconnected from ourselves. It was the story of a person living here within us, or rather, who felt that he lived within us, but actually lived only in the shell, the outside. Forming a protective shield, an image created by the ego, by the fear, by the traumas lived and not surpassed. Gradually this mask dissolves until there is nothing left of this experience. And only become a reminder of a story that happened to someone other than us.

We are the I Am today.

We assume to be the I Am.

I am light, I am wisdom, I am love, I am truth, I am transmutation of all the fears, traumas, pains, of all the suffering.

We assume who we are to live this new person who is reborn from the ashes of the dissolved masks of life's experiences.

In assuming our truth, we drop all the masks. We no longer care who we would like to be or try to be. We remember our essence again. We accept who we are and show ourselves to the world without filters, without false impressions, without lies and without fears.

In this way, we open ourselves to the flow. To the flow of life. To the flow of new experiences. To the flow of love, abundance, joy and peace. We are open and free to receive only light and growth to lift ourselves higher into the light and no longer identify with the darkness, not those external darkness, but those that existed in our material mind of illusion. We are set free to receive light and to give love.


Michele Martini - Dec 08, 2016