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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Disconnecting from the Matrix of Suffering – Lady Kuan Yin

My Beloved Sons,

I am here with the energy of Love and transmutation, to bring a simple message of peace and patience.

You ask me how you will be able to observe all the learning your brothers are living and at the same time manage to radiate Love and not be involved in suffering.

I say it's simple, My Beloved Sons. When you anchor in your hearts, the true feeling of Love and charity, there is no more how to get involved in the suffering of your brothers, but only, you will be able to radiate the purest Love as channels of the Source.

You are living situations and realizing, every day, that there will still be many changes in your lives as a whole, when you think of the planet. But you know that your walk in the Light and your quest for purification will give you the foundation to stand firm in your walk, with balance during the learning of all mankind.

You observe today, as there are still thousands of people involved in your lower thoughts, connected very intensely in the mind, not the heart. They know that there will be much suffering for so many brothers. But you also know from your wisdom that there is no way to prevent them from living their experiences that will bring them to your understanding of how life works.

Some people, and indeed thousands, will still come to experience this discovery. And you will not get involved when you begin to observe the beauty that is contained in this process of cleansing and discovering the truth. The discovery of Love.

You will observe yes, some people very close, living situations of suffering. But you will not be able to understand the reason for the suffering, because you have been able to disconnect from that matrix. As you observe the tears of your beloved brethren, as you watch them grieving for something that you no longer perceive as real, you will understand how much they are involved in your illusions.

What to do in those moments, My Children? Just watch the suffering, the tears of your brothers, and do nothing? No, My Children. I bring here, rightly, an orientation of how they can truly help all these people.

Help, Beloved Ones, begins as soon as you are ready to radiate the Love of your hearts. That Love without obligations, free and free of ego or individual wills. Only with the pure feeling of Love, free from all connection with the mind, can they really help.

By observing close people in sufferings, illusory sufferings, in which you clearly perceive that there is no longer cause for tears, that people are so involved in the reality that they have created in their own minds, that they can no longer perceive their presence nor their words of Consolation ... Then, in those moments, Beloved Sons, completely connected to their hearts, free from individual interests, radiate purity into those hearts. They harness the energy of the White Flame, which will bring that brother who suffers, the realization that he is purity, that he is Love, that he is Light, and at that moment the feeling of guilt and self-punishment will cease. You will open a channel of Light so that the treatment can begin effectively and reach that heart.

The White Light, My Beloveds, brings the realization that you are Light, which is the essence of Light and helps you disconnect from the energy of suffering, guilt, and all lower feelings.

How to do this, My Children? Anchored in the energy of purification with the White Flame. Reach out to your brother and remind him of all that he truly is, of the Light he has. It reminds him of how special he is to so many people. Bring in the remembrance of this beloved brother, the Light that he emits even when he is in tears, and then let him imagine the Light he could emit when he is smiling.

These forms of remembrance, radiated in the White Flame, will help bring purity to your heart.

Anchoring this energy, My Beloved Sons, but with total detachment from your own will, remembering that first of all you need to respect the process of each one, you can gradually observe the process beginning for the healing of that Being.

At various times, the beloved brother can observe how he initiates a great number of experiences in order to show that "he is Light." Experiences where he will have the opportunity to remember who he is, the purity contained within him and, gradually, disconnecting himself from the matrix of suffering. At every thought of pain, of suffering, he will begin to see how disconnected he is from all that he really is.

And I will be here, in those moments, My Beloveds, to help you to overcome these veils, transmuting with Violet Light and Love, that ancient thought that prevented them from perceiving how pure and radiated they are of Light. Like all our brothers of the Violet Ray, to assist them in those moments of transition, which may occur quickly or slowly as people anchor more and more the Flame of Purity in their hearts, and begin to accept as their own. Own realities.

Gradually, all will be released in Love, with all the lower behaviors, dense energies and sufferings transmuted into Light, when they can return to purity, clear as a crystal. As you really are: crystalline.

The process of crystallization is in bringing, more and more, pure and clear energy to their hearts. And this process has already begun, My Sons. With the help of the Flames of the Masters, they will be able to reach the crystal clear state, to shine and radiate their Light to the entire planet and all who are still in the process a little more initial.

Each one who reaches to purity, My Beloved Sons, will radiate this Light so that all others also find purity within themselves. And this will cause them to transform this Whole into pure white Light to radiate through the Universe. You are already a planet of Light, but hidden behind your illusions that you are not Light.

You will transmute all these illusions, and you will return to your state of understanding that you are Light, My Beloveds. Everyone will come to that end, but each in his time, in his capacity for understanding.

So, Dear Ones, the way to help in this process is by knowing yourself, anchoring the Love within you and gradually helping, as you begin to understand more and to radiate more of your pure crystalline Light from your hearts .

With all Love and Light, I leave these words.

Kuan Yin

Messenger: Michele Martini – Dec 03, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita