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Friday, December 9, 2016

A little bit of true abundance - Thiago Strapasson

Two years ago, I received an invitation from Master Saint Germain: to visit his crystal caves. During this visit, I was warned that I would feel very strong energies that could lead me to the limit. There was the true energy of abundance, but I was warned that it was hard energies to make contact. But I accepted the challenge because I saw that there was an energy that could help in my personal process of purification.

Since then I have faced financial problems of all kinds. I did not miss anything, on the contrary, but, simply, unexpected situations arise financially. Of the most diverse orders, which are repeated from time to time. They are cycles! A personal cycle, in which the greatest lesson would be to break it and modify it internally, so that I would learn to release aspects of fear and restraint.

This is a process, because it brings financial insecurity!

The Masters gave me these countless and painful experiences to learn to enter into the flow of abundance!

But this process, two years ago, has brought me important lessons.

The first was to understand what is necessary for life and to be happy with that amount, without that old need to have security accumulated in the accounts.

I also discovered that I had a great opportunity to work on my inner attachments, my deepest fears of a possibility of material lack. And in that, I realized all the avarice I carried within me and I learned that life is a flow, and that money itself is something that is also intertwined with everything that exists.

They are strong concepts to be absorbed by us, in a society that lives the concept of lack, absence of necessity, lack of limit, where we are never content with what we have, because we do not understand what is necessary in our life. Master Saint Germain had already warned me that we did not understand a ceiling, because we always see those who have more and who, therefore, we consider to be happier.

We are not yet able to find the limit of what we need, which makes us slaves of the financial flow and, consequently, of the lack of confidence in the future, ceasing to live the Now. We have stopped making a trip now to set aside the money for a "possible" future health problem, for our old age, so that our children have a more comfortable life, and thus we deprive ourselves of true abundance, finding excuses to stop Use our resources in the present, to simply be happy.

More than that: the more we have, the more attachments we bring to our lives and the more unnecessary we add to our human personality. Unnecessary is that which, in our mind, becomes necessary and a new attachment. And this drives us to again seek the limits of our endless financial flow and acceptance. We become slaves of ourselves through the tireless projections our trained mind brings us.

So, the necessary and the flow are very "hard" concepts to be absorbed by our mind, because they are concepts contrary to everything that they have taught us. The mind will always be putting us in the old pattern, in mass consciousness and without our noticing it.

But I learned then, in those two years, after the most unimaginable financial adventures that came to me, that we can be happy with what is necessary, trusting that we will always have enough and that it is not we that define "sufficiency", but the Own universe.

And when we get out of this mind control of fear of our financial life, and get into the confidence that God will always give us the necessary, we will begin to crawl into the true financial flow of abundance.

Because what is necessary is not explained, but felt!

I have also discovered my anchoring point in material life, for each of us has a more connected aspect to this human energetic matrix to work in-house. Well, mine is greed. But not in the sense of that grotesque and rude, because thank God I have always had a very comfortable life, but in the sense of understanding my personal concept of "necessary."

For if we learn "the necessary," we can have everything, but our mind does not understand this and will always propel us to an even more comfortable life: owning a better car, a bigger house, things and ever more modern gadgets. In short, things that will remain here, in the physical, when we return to eternal life! And the truth is that we will never be satisfied and even if we have everything we need, we will always seek more, without even questioning the reason.

So the Masters and Beings of Light are bringing me these hard and heavy monetary adventures, which are nothing more than training of detachment that my mind reads as losses and losses. They give me to understand this lesson two years ago, though my mind makes me go back to the old one from time to time.

But today, I understand that all of this has been brought so that I can realize how good it is to acknowledge that we have what is necessary in our life. How liberating is that feeling!

Perhaps the energy of true abundance is one of the hardest lessons in understanding this world. It allows us to understand about having "the necessary" and maintaining the confidence that it will always be present in our life.

But this is not something the mind explains. It is an energy that we deal with faith and trust, and we attract not in the form of wealth, but rather, enough for our well-being in that now.

Thiago Strapasson - December 09, 2016


Collaboration: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita