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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Transcending Relationships - Lady Master Pórtia

Beloved Children,

Today, with great joy, I come to show you the path of the transcendence of relationships.

It is very important for this moment that you are living in the Now, where you have the opportunity before you, to work on your relationships that you have been carrying for a long time to be treated.

With much Love, I show you now, the journey you can take, if it is your will to transcend everything that holds you to duality.

The way of this transcendence, My Sons, is in Love and forgiveness, from the pure feeling of forgiveness, and beginning with forgiveness of self. Beginning to look at all your relationships and forgive. Forgive your attitudes. Forgive your side that does not please you. Forgive everything that happened. Put aside that tantrum, that insistence on showing your point.

That is to forgive, to "lower the arms," ​​My Children. Let all of them be given over to Love and thus strip themselves of the "cloak" which today prevents them from receiving the transcendence of the Violet Flame.

Through Love, looking into the eyes of your brothers, you can feel how much they need this attitude. You will be nurtured by the loving gaze that you will receive in return.

From then on, My Dear Ones, you can feel how you gradually take away every little bit of hurt, of anguish, of fear that is within you.

It is as if "pieces of flesh from your body" are taken that are materialized in the etheric field, but not in matter, as you see. They remove the cubes, the small pieces, each attitude, each relationship transcended. They take away, opening and emptying your body, your auric field. You are leaving a channel of opening so that you can pass the Light, so that it can shine your Inner Self.

From that point, My Children, you can already feel the result of these attitudes.

They begin to follow with courage and faith the path that will take them to completely take away all this veil of illusion, "little by little."

Do not require much of you, My Children, do not think that in such a short time, you must be able to do all the cleaning.

Long ages ago, you've been working on it, getting ready to do the cleaning right now.

It has already begun, it is in progress, and know that with every deviation, every moment and every attitude that deny the flow of cleansing, it will come with more intensity. There will be some experience to bring a more effective cleaning.

Therefore, this walk has no possibility of going wrong. Just go forward, it just goes to the level of your soul's evolution.

You do not regress no more, My Sons. You will remain more and more connected with your Inner Self.

From the moment they allow this flow, they will carry this process naturally, without suffering, opening to the flow of life, opening to the natural flow.

Let all relationships, all sorrows, all anguishes, all fears that something will not work, transcend all, for now everything will flow in perfect harmony.

Cleansing will happen completely for all of you, but for each in the time you are willing.

My Beloved Ones, I know that you wonder how you can work on it more quietly, more gently, and I come and tell you that bringing the Violet Flame into you. Meditating for a moment a day, bringing the Violet Light to blaze on your bodies, will allow you to go through these transformations in a lighter way.

May it flow more naturally, so that you can adjust to that reality.

For, My Children, after the end of this process, you will vibrate Light. And the Light, being present in your life, the Violet Flame being transmuted into you daily, will make you more aligned to this new reality.

Therefore, invoke the Violet Flame and transmute all your relationships.

Stop, for a moment, with each feeling, with each passing experience, and note that it was not the attitude you would like to have had. This moment, My Sons, is a blessed gift, which you already realize, with your side connected to your Higher Self, that you no longer want "the old", that old behavior.

And so you can call the Violet Light and transmute that feeling, welcome it with Love. Transmute in forgiveness. Forgive me. "Drop your weapons." Invoke the Violet Flame at that moment, so that, in the next moment, the cleansing will take place in your Being.

In this way, Dear Ones will soon be all clean and vibrating Light, connected in this energy blanket of the planet that surrounds them in Love, and that will cause them to exchange their energies in a loving and not "thorny" form. Of aggressive, reactive energy of the ego, there is no longer any place in this loving world of Light and peace.

You will adjust over time. This will happen naturally. Just let the experiences flow. Thank and bless each experience, whenever they notice that they are going through a learning, for a situation where they can clean.

Thank and bless the people involved together with you in these experiences and also thank and bless the opportunity given to you by the Creation.

Invoke the Violet Light for the other and for you.

Be present in Light and Love.

I am Pórtia

Canal: Michele Martini -19.Nov.2016

Transcript: Tania Campos
Collaboration: SolangeYabushita and Angelica T. Tosta