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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Way of His Grace – Lord Kumara

Mantra indicated by the Master: - Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur


Ong Namo – I bow to the Subtle Divine Wisdom
Guru Dev Namo - I bow to the Divine Inner Teacher.

Beloved, I am here in the name of Love to show you how you should seek within your real Self, true Love.

This Love, My Beloved Ones, is not the one we dedicate to our neighbor, but rather, one that we often forget to be nourished, and that is within ourselves.

We remember to give thanks to God, to observe the magnitude of His work, to pray for thanksgiving, but to let us remember for a moment that God is us.

When we pray to something external, we are forgetting ourselves. We stop feeding Love for us. And we forget, for a moment, the fact that we are part of this Whole, which is God.

We have been seeking for a long time how to please God and this quest comes from millennia of Earth's Humanity, offering prayers, plants, animals and even the sacrifice of people. But do we at some point offer ourselves? Fusing us in Love with our God?

We are already in a New Age, which we understand is no longer necessary to worship God with offerings. But within the context of the meaning of offering, what is the difference between offering a life and a prayer? They are different forms of offerings, within the comprehension of each epoch.

Today, we are getting more clarification and through meditation we can connect with this God that we thought was on the outside, discovering that we are already connected to Him, that we are Him.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, I am here to show you the meaning of worshiping the Wisdom of God. When we worship this Wisdom, we put ourselves in a lower position, visualizing ourselves separated from Him. We are not yet understanding what He would like us to understand: from the truth that we are Him, from the truth that every form of life is Him.

Therefore, in reciting mantras, as the one exposed here, we must repeat the beautiful words with the feeling of giving and surrendering through the heart. Opening to Love. Remembering that we are speaking in the Divine Wisdom in the form that is presented to us, which are all life forms around us, the people who are by our side and especially ourselves.

Children, reflect with me: You offer a beautiful prayer and a mantra to God, but do you offer something with so much Love to yourselves? Do you treat yourselves with Love? No judgement? No hurt and no guilt? Do you forgive each other? Do you forgive God? So how can you not forgive yourselves, My Beloved Sons?

When you begin to put your visions in this way, you understand how much you are failing to love yourself.

We are not talking here about ego or pride, but about the loving look for you, forgiveness, care and care.

Would you offer your God some toxic substance? Something you know will cause some harm to your body? What is harmful to health? So, My Dear Sons, in this way you may realize that it is useless to look at the external, to offer all Love in mantras, prayers, offerings, but to forget yourself.

Remember, My Sons, that you are here to bring more Love first into yourself. So that they can heal themselves during this experience of life on Earth. Heal the baggage they have been carrying for so long.

Therefore, Dear Sons, practice the practice of devotional mantras connecting to your heart. You may notice that you begin to feel a pressure on your heart chakra, and that is because you are not letting something out. In this way, when you realize this, intensify the practice, recite the mantra with more Love, with more freedom, out loud, closing your eyes and letting yourself lead by devotion to yourself. They will feel tears running down their faces, and from that moment, the pressure on the chest will begin to reduce until it disappears.

Surrender to Love to yourself. Connect with that feeling of devotion, with humility and Love for you and for God.

Sanat Kumara

Messenger: Michele Martini - 26.Nov.2016

Collaboration: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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