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Monday, November 28, 2016

The True Meaning Of Love - Lady Master Rowena

Mantra Aad Guray Nameh - Mirabai Ceiba -:

Beloved Children, you have been for a long time, seeking Love externally, seeking something that fills this emptiness that you feel inside your heart.

Today you are more mature, more able to feel what I bring to you in this brief message.

We are always seeking the true meaning of life, the connection with Love, but, many times, we seek through our physical gaze and senses.

Today, you can bring the true feeling of Love to the heart, for they are more subtle in their most crystalline bodies, and capable of feeling all the Love that surrounds them.

The deep feeling of gratitude, the Love radiated to all who have gone through their ways, or even, who are present at that moment in their lives. That gratitude, which departs from the depths of their hearts, which in fact, is the essence of their soul.

This is the true meaning of Love, My Beloved Sons. This deep feeling of joy and fulfillment, with immense gratitude for all that has been part of your learning processes, and gratitude, also for all that will come, for today you are more aware and wise to understand that learning is eternal. And the fact that we learn to bless and thank the masters who cross our path is the liberation necessary to absorb all that will come with the most open heart in Love.

This feeling of openness of heart happens because of the humility acquired during the walk. That humility that leads us to feel deep gratitude and from there, part of the birth of true Love.

This Love can be radiated and shared in every form of relationship you have. All forms of relationship are tied to Love, gratitude and unity as a whole. For we have already brought here the fact that we are all One.

The blessing of being able to radiate this deep feeling of "Love-gratitude" is wonderful, for it is what will make them feel truly loved. And not loved by their acquaintances, friends and family, but by all and by all. You will feel this Love being returned to you through your relationship with people, through prayer and the blessings you receive daily in your lives.

The look back and the cultivation of this feeling of deep gratitude is what will make you present forever in your hearts, never to leave.

As long as you cultivate it within you, you will never suffer. You will never feel lonely again, for you are completely filled with Love. That Love that you put out in such a light and sweet way, that reflects on all the particles of life that surround you, and returns to you anchoring more wisdom, peace, balance and harmony.

This feeling of protection, of Love and gratitude, ends up being their new realities. The certainty that they are always protected and loved. Their new fortresses, far from guns in fist, leaving all the monsters behind, calming the beasts, bathing them in Love and protection.

What is the Being on this planet that could not surrender to a deep feeling of Love in this way? There is not a seed of life that is not wholly transformed into peace and harmony, when bathed in this deep Love.

Through this new loving energy, you bring peace to your interior, soothe all the inner beasts, remain connected in One with God.

There will be no way to return to the initial state, because you are so welcomed and protected, protected in this feeling of love-gratitude, that you will not leave this harmony for nothing in your lives, because you have found the fullness of Being.

This fullness that brings healing to your illnesses, which brings tears of sensitivity only through a deep feeling of gratitude and love, and no longer through suffering. The feeling of acceptance of everything as it is, of looking back and forth with a warm heart of Love, knowing that, just like everything that was, everything that will come will also be bathed in peace and Light, and will contribute to you Evolve more and more. Always and forever.

Divine Wisdom is connected to the inner wisdom that is bound up in you now, which brings this new Self, this new Sage, into your own lives, into your own hearts and become your Inner Masters. Already with the thoughts more silenced and accommodated in the heart. For thoughts are no longer in the mind, but in the heart. And from there they will never leave. They will be forever speaking Love in their words, bringing peace in their energy, and bringing this wisdom to all.

This is the pure Human Being in the essence of God. It is contained within each of you and waiting for the ideal moment to show itself as it is in its true nature of God.



Messenger: Michele Martini – Nov 28, 2016   

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta