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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The magic of life - Master Saint Germain

Every seed that springs forth in life, every flower that blossoms on the grass, is a divine spark with transforming power, transmuting beauty and magic, showing the possibilities we can achieve during our evolution.

Every experience we experience, every look of Love, attention, affection, care, every time we raise our thoughts in Love and lightness, we bring with us the divine spark and radiate it to everyone.

They are at all times, experiencing this creative capacity, to take Love, to bring the transforming power of life to everything that interacts.

You are, at that moment, watching various divine aspects arise in you. With every breath and every drop of perspiration on your skin, it brings the evidence of how everything transforms and purifies itself naturally according to the law of life.

From a pure substance that is part of your Being, like a glass of water that transforms into sweat, sweat, you can perceive the power of transformation contained in your divine essence.

From the realization of this reality, the simple act of observing how all this happens all the time, regardless of your will, you begin to incorporate that power internally.

In the same way that transformation occurs regardless of your will, you are also susceptible in the environment in which you live. They absorb all that is around them and return them back to the medium in the form of transformed energy.

From this principle, it is worth the reflection: what are you returning to the environment in which you live? Have you been absorbing beneficial energy and returning more purified energy? Do you see the transforming power of your bodies?

Just as they absorb the energy of a food, they return that energy to the medium in the form of more energy, which can be good and constructive for the growth of humanity, or you can choose to remain unbalanced and thus absorb the energies only to balance Your Being. Do you choose to be an energy transformer of your environment or an energy consumer only?

In this way, Sons, you begin to understand your true role on this planet.

Plants absorb energy from soil, air, rain and transform it into food, fresh air, and energy beneficial to other beings like you. And realizing that they are on an evolutionary level lower than yours, the transforming power within you is far more powerful.

You can heal the plants. You can heal the animals. You can purify rivers and air. You have the capacity for transformation on a higher level among the beings inhabiting this planet. And you can use that power by learning how to receive energies.

All the while the beneficial energies, the Prana, the energy absorbed from the elementals like water and plants hang around you. The energy of fire and all the elements. You, Sons, can receive these energies to make them into something much more powerful.

This is the alchemy contained within each of you: the transforming power through the magic of life, the essence of your Being.

Therefore, it is enough to meditate and absorb this knowledge. Accept what you truly are and incorporate this transforming capacity.

For this, the Violet Flame is present to assist in this awakening, Assisting in His awakening, for you are the key to the transformation of the planet. You have the transmuting power of receiving energies into more Love, healing, repairing your surroundings.

Incorporate this reality into your Being. Be the transforming agents of the New Age.

Accept who you truly are and shine in the Violet Flame.

I am Saint Germain

Messenger: Michelinha OM – Nov 08, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Tania Campos