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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The family circle - Lady Master Pórtia

Today we are going to bring the mighty Flame of Transmutation into our pure, sacred heart.

Let us bring in a way to purify and to cleanse all the sorrows, all the miasmas that we have and that we carry according to our mind.

Today, My Dear Ones, our mind works to bring to our physical body the consequences of the emotions we do not learn to work.

Today we bring a lot of suffering to our heart because we have not learned to deal with our emotions.

We, My Sons, can not forget to forget that pure love can only be felt when we connect to the Source.

There are still people who are far from reaching this point of connection with the Source and raising their thoughts.

But, My Sons, you are experiencing situations of intense connection with the Source through your meditations, your messengers and your inner transformation.

You set out to do that. You chose this path.

My Beloveds, all you feel, all you suffer is due to the great distance that separates you from other brothers. You are connected to the Source always, 24 hours a day, all the time, and our brothers do not even know how to begin this journey. They are very disconnected.

You, My Beloved Sons, are experiencing this experience of living with people very close to you, who are at this very opposite level of you, so that there may be balance.

We brought, a while ago, a message that showed how everything works, which showed that everything needs balance on the planet.

At the same time that in an environment a subtle energy is present, a more dense energy arrives, and is balanced. And so, the two remain in balance. Nothing that has too much intensity is positive to maintain the balance. Not for more, not for less.

Therefore, My Sons, you who have the most direct contact with the Source will be drawn to people who have no contact. So you already know your purpose. You know, right now, why things happen that way.

You will bring this balance, just as people who have no contact with the Source will also bring the necessary balance to you.

For you, My Sons, are incarnated on this planet, are living this experience of Love, of learning and, at that moment, have the opportunity of coexistence with their "counter I". You have, in front of you, people from your immediate family circle, who show you what you need to overcome.

The purpose of you here on this planet, My Sons, is precisely evolution. The purpose is growth and learning. The purpose is cleanliness, it is purification, it is liberation above all else.

You are having contact with people who will show you the way to get where you want, showing your faults, not defects because they are imperfect, but what is keeping you from ascending today. What prevents them from being free, what binds them to matter, what is their cause of suffering.

Look within. Realize what makes you suffer. Is suffering a natural state of the soul? I do not think so! And that you have already understood.

So you can understand that if you suffer, it is because something needs to be healed. Coexistence with people in your family circle shows the experiences in which you experience suffering, in order to show you what is today imprisoning you in this material world.

You are in search of your deliverance. So look within yourself, bless the experience, bless the people who are bringing you this opportunity for deliverance, those "mirrors" that are placed on their foreheads, so they can see what is within you, not the other.

Therefore, My Children, the quest to transform the other, the quest to attend to their most intense traumas, the quest to heal the pain, is not the right way. The search to meet the cause of their suffering, the search to find people and contacts that make them feel very happy, that they know how to show what you need to stop suffering, is not the right way. The way, My Sons, is to let yourself be aware of what happens inside you, learn to live with the differences of people and learn to look at everything with "eyes from outside matter" disconnected with matter and thus absorb This teaching.

In this way, My Sons, you will be closer to your deliverance.

Contact with the Source is already established. It is enough to heal those small wounds that remain, which are, in fact, only memories, the sequels of their incarnations on Earth. You have learned, for many decades, to be attached to matter, attached to emotions, and so it is not so simple to get rid of these feelings, but it will happen through your experiences in this incarnation.

This incarnation has been chosen by you, so that you can reach the state of complete disconnection of matter.

So bless the experiences. Accept it. Connect with the Source.

Look inside you and you will achieve the freedom you are looking for.

I am Pórtia.

Messenger: Michele Martini - 05.Nov.2016

Transcription: Angelica T. Tosta
Collaboration: SolangeYabushita