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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Energy Grid - Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

My beloved sons

The old father is here to bring a word of wisdom and humility to you children.

I see you exchanging words of suffering and sadness always children, but it is not legal to be taking more sorrow to your brothers to walk children.

You are all here on this earth to learn to always hit children, all of you, and the old father too, we have already erred, and we are now also erring children, because our understanding of right and wrong is always limited, children.

No one is wrong in this life, children. Everyone is right. Living their life experiences and bringing more knowledge into their lives. That's what matters kids.

The old Father reminds you that everyone is the same. Even those children who understand a little more about how things work can only understand from the point of view they understand, but often do not know things as simple as having coffee. (laughs)

Who says, children, that you connect with the masters and bring messages of light and love is more important than having a coffee?

You have created this reality for you, children, because you are living on this planet where the ego is present in your life.

The young lady who wakes up early at 5 in the morning and leaves her village to make you coffee when you get to work, is it less than you, son? Just because she does not know who is Master Saint Germain? No, no, no children.

Humility is a gift that no one can take away from you children. That yes is difficult to conquer in this life. The more you learn from your experiences, the harder they are to walk away from humility.

Remember that the well-prepared coffee brings a scent that inspires the smile on that brother who arrived at work with a head full of trouble. That coffee delivered with love, made with love, by someone who fights in this life, to put food in the dish of the son at home. And do all this with much love for children, for you and for all life.

This person is happy, children, because happiness is what brings in the heart. Happiness is not to add knowledge, to grow in the race, not to create more in your head, but, my son, happiness is in the simplest things in life.

Remember that Master Saint Germain brought a message to you on how to work with energy? So children, follow the example of the Master. Take that smile of love from the coffee girl, take that scented aroma of the coffee made, feel the joy that this energy transmits to you, and return thanking you for bringing more love to what you have today.

Return that loving smile to your other colleague, return that joy of pleasant aroma to your brother who is in need too.

All the children are here to help themselves, in a huge network, my children. Very immense this network that connects you, the father here would like to be able to show all this for you. Then I'll try to draw with this daughter here to better show you.

This network, children, is always vibrating the energy of all of you children together. There is no point in one of you vibrating in the light of the master and the other vibrating in suffering.

No use on this side of the world you have a table full of food and on the other side the poor children die of hunger and disease. The energy grid, my children, binds all of you.

His pain is his pain, his illness is his suffering, hunger is his anguish of wanting more in this life. The ego of the politician reflects on his suffering, son. That's why, son, it's useless to revolt against the system. The system is illusion, children. The only system that exists is the mesh that the father is bringing here for you. This mesh is the system that moves your planet. The politician is in there, and also the nature bug, the water, his friend from work, and yourself. There are people starving and there are very rich people.

There are people rich in book knowledge, and there are rich people with knowledge of love at heart. What brings salvation to you children is to learn to change all that is good there. Learn love, share the book. Learning not to go hungry, help carry the coffee with the smile on your face. Put yourself in your brother's shoes. Do his job, experience what he has already learned. It would be cool, children. Why do not you, then?

The father is here bringing these truths to you who are trapped in the world of illusion and do not want to accept that everyone is connected. The beautiful way the masters bring. It's nothing more than that kids. We all bring the same word, the same truth. The old father brings the same truth as the master. And you light worker brings the same truth as the brother who can not read. The young lady who passes coffee has the same truth as the director of the company. All are equal, children, everyone can help themselves within their reality of love.

The Father is here radiating all my love and bringing forth these words.

Thank you for the opportunity, daughter, to bring this message to you.
I thank our Master Jesus Christ.
I thank God.
I thank the people of Aruanda.
I thank all the old ladies, the masters, the coffee girls, for we are all love, children.

With love from his father Joaquim de Aruanda

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 17, 2016.