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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sukhino Bhavanthu – United in Peace – Master Kuthumi

Mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu:


"May all beings be happy"

Every particle of life that makes up their bodies vibrates to the rhythm of their emotions.

Around you, everything vibrates in the rhythm that you vibrate and, thus, you can also vibrate according to the energy that is around you.

You are always vibrating what is within you, but aligned with the environment in which you live.

Every being, every object, every particle of existence vibrates. In the same way that a sound instrument vibrates in harmonic sound or not, this vibration occurs in all objects that apparently have no life. But we know that if it vibrates, it is because it has life. And, therefore, we have the power to transform even those objects which, at first, we thought had no life.

How to do this, My Children? How can you first transform the state of vibration within you and also everything around you?

You have heard some reports from people who feel that certain environments pass certain types of energy. For example, a refrigerator, an animal slaughterhouse, a place where it was the scene of suffering. Such a place is feared by many spiritualists who believe they do not have the power to transform this intensely impregnated energy into these environments.

For here I bring to you the formula of inner and outer healing which, in fact, becomes a healing only, from the point of view that you are not ONE only with other beings equal to you, but also, are ONE with All the places and objects of this planet. And from a broader point of view, you may understand, one day, that you are ONE also with the Universe and all forms of existence.

We are beginning from the beginning, that it is your inner universes and the cultivation of peace within you. It is this beginning that must be practiced with calm and Love, with regularity and practice. The cultivation of inner peace is what will give them the power to attune themselves to a higher energy and purify all their "hidden" personalities. It is also to unify everything in a rhythm of peace, in a feeling that will cause you to float in the empty universe of peace and fullness.

Concentration calmly in your interiors and that Love you dedicate to yourselves, the way you would do with a baby to make you sleep, singing a light melody to your ear and cradling with Love! This must first be done in yourself, My Beloved Sons: be content in the rhythm of peace, sing softly to yourself and feel the positive vibration that it causes within your bodies. You can feel an immense peace taking care of you. There will be no emotion, nothing. There will be no feeling. There will be only the emptiness of peace, filling all the electrons that make up their material bodies and also their energetic fields. Pack in this rhythm of peace and emptiness of fullness.

Then, in a next step, you begin to realize how united you are in ONE with where you are, with objects and with the environment. Everything begins to vibrate in this energy of peace that unites you to this environment and you begin to feel the environment and to observe, within you, the vibrating particles in the same rhythm as you.

This is magic and Love. It is the natural power we all have to transform the environment and everything around us. You direct the energy and radiate that peace, vibrating in the rhythm in fullness in everything that is around you. At that moment, all who come into contact with you, will feel this peace, will be contaminated by this vibration, which will be so strong that there will be no ways to resist.

So you make the baby sleep. So you make the inner beasts sleep, accept to be caressed and loved, surrender to the feeling of fullness.

This practice makes environments always vibrating with loving and peaceful energy. They should always be fed, so keep it that way. These places, where they practice this fullness, will be refuges of peace, in which all who enter, can be benefited with the energy.

This is the case with temples and religious centers, places where prayer is practiced. But we can make the whole world such a place, radiated with peace and fullness, united in ONE only in Love and in the state of balance. Nature must be loved and united in ONE to you. The trees, the plants, the water, the earth, the animals, everything must be united in this way.

The Earth has been working to maintain this state of peace so that it survives so many dense energies that hover on the planet. It has aided all by offering the food, the purity necessary for all to perform the cleanings, and to receive the energies necessary to maintain themselves in that state as well.

But at no time did we unite in energy to this Earth. We looked at her separately. For us, nature is there lush and, we, here. We need to preserve nature, but we forget that we are nature. The exercise of uniting in ONE with the Earth is what will show us the only way to follow the path of peace, without having to treat ourselves and always recover from damage.

Let us be united in Love to the Planet, radiating peace from our hearts, guaranteeing the plenitude in our daily acts, in our words, in energy vibrating in the balance. Let us also lead this peace by doing our part to bring this humanity into a state of fullness and Love.



(The message was sent by Master Kuthumi, but in the energy of all Masters, for according to Kuthumi, all are ONE)

Messenger: Michele Martini - Nov 27, 2016

Text Revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita