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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How To Find Your True Purpose – Lady Master Rowena

I suggest reading the message to the sound of the Mantra: OM MANI PADME HUM

Faced with the duality presented to you in the life of matter, the path of the heart is always the true one to be trodden by your soul.

The experiences brought before you, so that you choose which direction you must take in the face of various difficulties, is always to show you your true purpose.

Faced with the possibility of starting over, many of you are confused, trying to understand the signs brought by Spirituality, the Universe, so that they can choose.

The choice is often not tied to that path shown as the easiest way out of a problem, but rather the outlet that is connected to their hearts.

It is very easy, My Children, when you connect to your heart, to truly feel your purpose, to let your life lead you into the path of Light, Love and joy that you feel in the face of a new beginning. But not a resumption of new material life, for, My Sons, duality is only the illusion of matter.

The essence of truth is within each of you, and it is one.

The process of getting out of duality lies precisely in finding yourself in your heart. Duality exists only outside their hearts, in the life presented before their eyes.

From the moment they realize that everything that happens is an orchestrated simulation for their learning to take place, then they can smile and celebrate their release.

Perceive, connected to your hearts, and then you will find that one of the truths presented is nothing more than illusion, so that you have the experience of choosing your ways, respecting your free will.

Several negative aspects, contained within each, can lead to the choice of the illusory way, to "opening the wrong door" and these aspects are already known to you: ego, pride, fear, anger, hatred, rancor.

Whenever you come face to face with two realities before you, connect to your heart. Look within yourself, what you feel for each path to go. Put yourself in the situation. Observe yourself in the future acting in that reality. And then you will realize that in one of them, there will always be opportunities to transcend all the above-mentioned feelings, and in the other there will always be escape because of the outpouring of these feelings.

It will be easy, then, to realize how the heart is the best driver of your life.

Everyone can decide the path of error and suffering. All paths bring valuable learning. But the difference between them, My Beloved Ones, is precisely that one will take you on a shorter road to meet the Holy Divine, and the other will take you on a longer road, with more experiences to be experienced.

It is free choice of each one the way to go, but as long as they are aware of the choice they are making.

Life in matter today can cause you to be influenced by energies that are not positive, and can show a deceptive path before you. But, My Children, do not blame yourself, for it is not the external influence of the "system" that will make you decide, but your hearts.

Nothing, My Sons, absolutely nothing, can take you out of the way connected to the heart. When anchored in Love, nothing will take you off the right path, the path that will show the shortest road and that will lead you to encounter Divine Love.

Everyone is free to choose how they want to walk this walk of Love and learning in the Light, but, My Beloved Sons, the path connected to the heart will bring more unity with God. Therefore, it is always the path that will be pointed out to you.

Duality, My Loves, is illusory. From the moment you realize this, you will free yourself from the life of suffering, from anguish and fears, for it becomes a vicious cycle: duality is only nourished by the lower aspects, and the lower aspects only exist nourished by duality. Get rid of that circle of illusions that surrounds you. Pass this veil through the anchor in Love.

It will not be so fast, Sons, but when the time comes, it will be like a magic trick, a Light will clear before you and you will know what I bring here.

Be in the Light and always be irradiated in Love.


Messenger: Michele Martini - Nov 22, 2016

Collaboration: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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