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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Become a Master – Lady Master Rowena

My beloved children, today I bring to you some words and teachings that will show you how to become a true Master.

First of all, my beloved children, you must focus within your heart. There the flame of love can flourish. Turn your life, your breath, into pure love. Let love prevail over all the lower aspects of your Self.

I do not say here, children, to forget or hide their inferior aspects, but love will prevail over all this and will also involve all their fears, defects, judgments, in love. This is the acceptance of all that you are, the act of engaging and welcoming everything with love.

So, my beloved children, begin the training to take this in your external experiences. There are opportunities to radiate this love to all of you. For this, my dear ones, total detachment is necessary, for a true Master does not allow himself to be involved in the pains of his brother, but remains in the balance which is the simple fact of accepting as the other is, without leaving there our mark Personal, our personal opinion.

Many times, my dear ones, being a Master is simply standing by, watching with love. Wait for the moment the person will become aware of your presence there next to her and will try to contact you for guidance. And so you can show the way, but not that path that you think, but it helps you to find the path in your heart. That, my dear ones, is to bring Love.

Many of us Masters remain for many years alongside our brothers who are not prepared for communication with us. What good would it do, dear ones, to carry messages of profound content, tips and directions which they would not understand? And sometimes an intervention of this could take them away from the right path, away from us even more.

We stand aside for a long time, just wrapping them in our energies with much love. Watching your actions, however cruel, however wrong and knowing that these acts will cause them much suffering. But we just watched in silence, radiating our energy.

My dear children, many of you are already masters in other dimensions, on other planets, and there act in that way. Often they watch their protégé commit murders, and cruel acts, but remain in their balance, radiating their energy and waiting for the ideal moment, which is only when, respecting their free will, their protege ask for help.

You and we, with a greater understanding of some things, have already noticed a mistake in the distance, at the slightest sign of your brother's thinking in the path of error, we already know and know what that results, which is more suffering. But even this, my dear ones, would justify an intervention by imposing what is right from its amorous point of view.

Love, dear ones, is not to stop your brother from making a mistake, it is not to show what is right to you. But let him discover for himself, show the way with his example, radiate his love. Let him experience the painful experiences so that he then decides to take a new path with the completed learning.

When we try to interfere and show the truth before the hour, my dear ones, we often hinder the evolution of that brother, who, even if he chooses to follow the right path, will again err because the lesson has not yet been learned. And this, dear ones, will generate more suffering.

Do you realize why everything works this way, my beloved ones? So that you can show the way by example and let the brothers decide to follow if the heart is prepared. Only the moment you're ready.

That is our role in their lives. You can reflect and look for examples in all your personal relationships and with everything in your midst, and begin to train this way of seeing the world. This is the way, my dears. I bring here the example of the Masters, the Mentors, and the Spiritual Guides, for we all work anchored in love and following this same principle.

We know that all of you will be Masters someday on your planet and as I brought up, many are already in other dimensions. They are here to help, help by showing your example of love and selflessness above all else.

I AM Rowena with lots of love.

Messenger: Michele Martini - Nov 15, 2016

Collaboration: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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