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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Grounding and balance - Ashtar Sheran

The process of acceptance of your inner Self begins when you begin to look at the other as a reflection of yourself.

The act of putting yourself in the position of your brother, attracts the experience, the true feeling of humanity and fraternity.

It would be easier to simply look at the pains of others under a high level of purity and balance when we are unable to understand what they really feel.

Life, My Sons, often brings us harsh experiences, but all are to show us that we need to align ourselves on the same level as our brethren, when we can actually act in their hearts.

The proximity of feelings, the sharing of Love, this all brings the possibility of healing for you and for everyone.

When we move away from the reality that is around us, we disconnect from our true purpose, which is the experience of this incarnation. And this opportunity, My Sons, is blessed and unique, for no incarnation is drawn with the same goals, in order to repeat experiences.

The purpose of the incarnation, in the first place, is to add more knowledge and more experiences so that there is no need for repetition. Therefore, living among people, the act of loving and putting yourself in the place of the other, brings you closer to your true purpose.

The act of moving away is positive, yes, but with the right amount of balance. Experience and experience are precisely in learning to balance this balance: being present in matter, living with the pains of your brothers, but also seeking moments of elevation, where you can absorb the energy for a better performance in your environment.

The purpose of absorbing high energies, My Sons, in the first place, is so that you can distribute them to others around you, to the environment where you live, where you act and have your experiences inborn.

This divine spark that is in you, connects you to all of humanity and to the entire planet. Therefore, there is no way to seek growth without, also, to bring to your brother your knowledge and your experience transformed into actions.

From this, My Sons, understand that all of you must always be acting among people.

Michelinha: My father, but how to look for this, if sometimes living with people hurts our heart so much?

My daughter, right there is your opportunity for growth and learning. Only the experience with people can bring you the elevation you are looking for.

Many of you, My Sons, seek meditation, isolation, but this is not the path that will lead you to grow, and absorb learning in this incarnation. The planet Earth is a cradle of wonderful experiences that bring the growth of the spirit. All of you set out to live, specifically, on this planet, to bring yourself the experience of living with the energies here, and with your brothers who are here, the way they are. They overcome all differences, seeking to "shine in the midst of the shadows" and seeking to bring balance to their environment and within their heart.

Remember, My Beloved Ones, that the first learning is individual - inner transformation - and then the act of overflowing that peace around you. The disconnection of his purpose will always cause pain and suffering. Always following with humility and peace, carrying Love in their gestures and in their words, will be contributing much to their elevation and, also, radiating this Love to those who enter their field of activity.

Within the next episodes scheduled for Humanity, you will be "the lights shining in the darkest places." You will bring Light and Hope. Enlightenment and peace. But for this, in the first place, they must be connected in heart to all Humanity, without exception, My Sons. Overcome all your lower drives and purify them in Bright Light. This is only possible by practicing Love and charity through your daily attitudes.

Your purpose on this planet was established by yourselves. Thus, all deviation from the path will be corrected so that they are always guided to their true goal. Therefore, whenever you go through suffering, know that it is only a route adjustment, so that you can stay in line with your true mission.

They radiate Love "to their mirrors": all those who appear in their ways, annoy them and do not resonate with their energy. All experiences that do not resonate with your energy, and that bothers you, are the opportunities you have to look at your own fears.

In that way, radiate Love and Light in these situations and in people, so that, together, you can shine in a united heart.

You are ONE with the planet. ONE with situations and ONE with each of his brothers.

I AM Ashtar Sheran

Messenger: Michele Martini - Nov 10, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita