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Monday, November 21, 2016

ASATO MA - Lord Lanto

I recommend listening to the mantra to vibrate in the energy of the message: Chandra Lacombe & Fusão Divina - Asatoma





From the lie, direct us to the truth;

From the darkness, direct us to the light;

From death, direct us to immortality

Om peace, peace, peace.”

Radiate the Light within each heart. Let love overflow. Forgive, love, carry in the lap of Love forgiveness, purity and the feeling of Oneness with the whole.

We are here to bring the purity of the act of sharing Love.

We are here to bring more purity and peace to all peoples, all nations.

We are together in unity to bring the fellowship. The brotherhood of the Cosmic Christ within each and in union in all.

We carry through Love and forgiveness the words of wisdom that speak through the half-closed doors of our heart.

The act of speaking in Love, the act of forgiving and loving provides a gradual process of opening those doors that, at the end of the process, will be completely open to Love, to give and receive Love.

Today you can realize the real purpose of Love. He is the key to the cure of all the suffering of mankind. The forgiveness, charity and balance obtained from this pure feeling is worthy of a true master of himself and therefore a master of humanity.

Through the tears of suffering, wisdom finds its place, that place that is reserved, waiting to be filled and that will never be completely definitive, because wisdom is something we should always feed.

This wisdom is what will bring peace and balance to their lives through the silencing of the mind and the sharing of their longings for peace and brotherhood for the planet.

Let the voice of your heart overflow. Let the feeling of pure Love for all and for all leave out to be shown who you truly are, in your true essence.

Go beyond the limits that held you within a closed cocoon of suffering and resistance to Love. The lack of Love causes this closure in your world, but nothing is impossible to be transformed. Only allowing feelings to surface will make that cure.

The sight you have of your suffering brethren as you go deeper and observe what you feel inside your heart, look into your eyes, put yourself in their shoes, begin to understand the magnitude of the feeling of Love and charity.

He begins deeply to understand the result of unthinkable small acts in people's lives, the consequences that ego, pride, prejudice, rancor and consequences that unforgiveness can generate.

The cure for all of this is simply Love. It would not do anything to revolt against the suffering that his eyes can observe, against the injustices that his heart insists on revolting, but to radiate Love, to radiate forgiveness to those who cause pain. This is the way to efficiently attain the root of suffering. Work within the heart the act of forgiving and loving all beings, for all are life. All are like you, who hold within their hearts that yearning for a better world, that yearning for a life of peace and harmony, and above all, the yearning to be loved.

Many oppressors have spent a life of much suffering, where they have not had the opportunity to feel Love, to feel the divine essence radiated around them. They were turning into hard, dense, dark protective covers and they were closing in on Love. They were directing this feeling to all who envelop them, and so they were causing suffering wherever they went.

These no longer know how to return to the beginning, the one in which they were created, in pure Love of divine seed. The flame of Christ can heal hardened hearts.

Only forgiveness, Love and the act of welcoming without judgment can reverse this process and interrupt this cycle that many of them carry through various incarnations.

The divine essence calls all the time within these hearts, it calls within the consciousness in search of a door of exit through the heart, but they no longer have the courage to face their fears and feelings imprisoned for so long.

Therefore, you must be welcomed with Love as you face this openness and revelation of the truth, be involved in Love and charity, so that you may shed the tears that will purify you from all your pain and guilt. They will need to receive a loving helping hand that will be there at a time when they will no longer have ways of embracing themselves, due to self-judgment. The loving hand will show them how they are pure and bright divine seeds of Love. And that they can shine and transform everything, including themselves, in Love.

This is the message I bring today, my dear brothers.

So that they understand the real meaning of charity and Love to others.

Each one will understand my words within the heart and will translate into truth every daily attitude.

It is with great satisfaction that I am here and thank you for this opportunity.

Lord Lanto

Messenger: Michele Martini - 21.Nov.2016

Collaboration: SolangeYabushita and Angelica T. Tosta


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