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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Path to Forgiveness - Lady Master Venus

Feelings so characteristic of being human: to be imperfect, to have wrong, to feel at some point to have deviated and gone by the "crooked path". Almost a sense of sin, having violated a rule. Along with all this imperfection, comes the very insecurity of life, of simply not being sure if we act right or wrong, what will be tomorrow. And we acted and made a mistake and followed.

But what is life made of, if not tested? From those opportunities to make mistakes to get it right? We walk with all that imperfection that is within us and with uncertainty whether we are hitting it or not. We judge ourselves sometimes, cruelly and often, out of fear of the judgment of others, we grieve over some of our decisions.

Some, even we are sure that we are wrong, others we are in doubt and, in others, we are sure that we are right. But wrong, being in doubt or right, we will be judging. In any case, there is a trial.

What if, perhaps, we could simply have compassion for ourselves? How many times do we have compassion for others who have often done something worse, according to our merciless judgment?

What about our compassion? Where was our Love, our lightness? Do we leave it to the needy poor? For innocent children? And if of all the poor we are the most needy, most needy sentimentally and spiritually? Do not we deserve the same loving compassion we give to the needy?

Our judgment is always made by material, not sentimental necessity. And if, perhaps, true poverty is the emotional deprivation of those who simply try to right, but err in our own merciless judgment on ourselves and others?

What if, instead of material charity, we look to the emotional and sentimental charity of those who suffer, not because of the lack of matter, but because of self-love, the absence of self-esteem that this life of such merciless stares leads us?

Our peace is in this compassionate gaze as we connect with the personal pains of those struggling to forgive each other. And with the humility to acknowledge our own pains, we see in our brothers the opportunity of true charity, which is the one that the Master Jesus taught us. The charity of the soul and Love, without judgment and without rancor, simply from that compassion, understanding the feelings of others.

And why not apply this sentimental charity to all our doubts, our imperfections? Why do not we just accept ourselves as we are, imperfect, humans who spend their lives trying to live one day after another, and balance with all our spiritual poverty? Do not we deserve our own compassion?

Of all our imperfections, which is the one that most afflicts us? Where is our great pain? Where did we go wrong to deserve this?

What we have to have, My Sons, is the compassion of the soul, the sentimental charity, the look of the heart and not of the ego, that "points the finger" to our own defects in pointing out the errors of others. Charity, true charity is the recognition of experience, whatever it may be, allowing us to accept life and the compassion of our eyes.

I am Lady Venus, thank you for the opportunity to show how we see you: as those who live and do not err, but experience a beautiful life on this Planet.

Be in peace, My Brothers, in the peace of charity and the compassion of your hearts.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - November 29, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita.