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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The pulse of life - Lady Master Rowena

The beauty of the flowers, the clearing of a new day, the movement of the wings of the free and happy birds ... all this is a reason to smile before a new day, a new opportunity to love, to feel this lightness and this purity soul

Aside from the diversity your eyes can pick up, there is still more to discover. There is a whole beauty of hearts and bracelet within all life forms. There is a divine essence that you can not see, but you can feel.

The joy of flowers, plants, animals, everything pulsates the essence of the Creator.

Everything is around you, pulsating and sending this invigorating energy, and that makes you fill your eyes with emotion.

Every day all this is around you. Everything is available to be observed and felt.

Although being present in places, often does not have an opportunity to observe an exuberance of nature, you can still feel it. Feel with the throb of your heart. The words of the people, the breath of each one, just a reminder of that immensity that is around you and in you.

So, My Dear Sons, connect to this divine essence. Absorb this in your being, take a deep breath of this energy and it will be part of you.

You will realize that, of course, there are more risks to the encounter with nature and pleasant surroundings, only with a breathing practice, feel all this and let it fill your whole being.

This essence is taking over your reality and your reality has just become a reality.

Soon all will be living in harmony and in harmony with nature.

What I mean, My Children. Accept and feel everything that is also around you.

Feel and love.

With love,


Messenger: Michele Martini – Oct 08, 2016


Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita