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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Meeting of fractals and evolution - Sanat Kumara

A soul fractal can bring all the learning you need for your evolution.

It is always bringing the purity attached to the Source in your heart and therefore brings you the possibility of balance and harmony.

You are experiencing that experience in your heart right now. This opportunity for rapprochement with so many other fractals of soul that are linked to you.

This experience will bring you the elevation you need and also the possibility of ascension into the Light. You are transforming your entire physical body, renewing your entire auric field, healing and recovering all the flaws that perhaps caused you pain and suffering, Including diseases.

They will be cured, until the end of this process, of all physical illnesses, as well as a "magic pass".

For a moment they will not be able to understand how this may have happened, but we will inspire them so that they may gradually understand, and link the facts to the knowledge alone. For Mastery is on the road that you choose to tread. There is no miracle recipe of which path to take, but rather each experience is blessed to bring the healing it needs, and also the experience that will contribute to forming a great teacher of humanity.

Do not be afraid, My Brothers, you will be the leaders of the New Age. You will be ready in a short space of time and therefore you are experiencing certain experiences with such intensity.

I am here to bring you this reminder of a fact you already know, but walking along the roads of stoning and healing can divert you in thought form from that reality for a moment. So I am reminded of this fact, which is reality at this time, for time is relative and I can tell you that you are already masters. But they are pursuing the path of purity and brightness to radiate all around them and thereby carry multitudes during their process of discovery.

The purpose of these experiences, besides contributing to your healing and perfection, is to contaminate the people around you. Show what it's like to live a life with courage and faith above all difficulties and, thus, are doing day after day.

I can tell you that the result is already surprising and will be more and more.

You are the protagonists of the New Age. They are the sustaining pillars of humanity.

Stand firm for this support, preserving balance and peace in your hearts.

I am Sanat Kumara.

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 05, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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