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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Love of Christ – Lord Maitreya

Greetings, My Beloved Brothers,

I would like to speak today about the Christ Energy, about the Christ Self, about Christ being, about those who anchored this energy called Christ on Earth.

I speak of many beings, especially of Master Jesus, Mother Mary and many others who have passed through this experience of earthly evolution.

This is the energy of the anchoring of mastery, of the anchoring of balance, harmony, and the propagation of Love.

All who place themselves at the service of Christ and in the service of this energy are those who are acting as the catalysts, as the filters, as those who reserve for themselves the right to become the Love of Christ on Earth.

The Christ experience is one of the most beautiful of Creation because it is anchored in rebalancing, seeking for oneself, interiorizing, externalizing your soul gifts, externalizing everything you are.

It is seeking in your heart all your energy and all the energy that radiates from your being, that you will be acting within the Christ purpose.

But to be in Christ, first of all, is to be in Love and in benevolence. It is to respect all those who have not yet opened to this Divine Grace, which is the reception of Christ in their hearts.

The Love of Christ transcends all human expectations. It's superhuman. It is something that is not conceived in social cycles, because Christ is not anchored in the purpose of matter, but rather in the purpose of God, in the purpose of Creation, of Him who brought them to experience life in matter.

It is by anchoring the Love of God in material experience, union and fraternity among all, that you will be acting as Christlike figures, representing the Father / Mother benevolence on Earth.

Christ is the energy of overcoming and transcendence.

Christ is all that exists in Creation.

It is all that we conceive, for there is nothing outside of Christ.

But Christ is also the figure of the impulse, the figure of the elevation, the expansion and the resurrection. It is through Him that you will achieve the balance and harmony necessary in your beings so that you can transcend what you are, becoming the Christ figures that came to be.

Consider, therefore, the Christic representatives on Earth, in the sense that they are the ones who will raise the planet, who will bring peace and harmony to every collective consciousness of humanity.

It is acting like those beautiful beings that can be, that you will become Christ himself and will be able to work miracles inconceivable by the human mind.

I am the Christ.

I am the Peace.

I am the Resurrection.

I am all joy.

I am all Harmony.

I am everything that God conceives.

I Am, I Am, I Am.

I am the Christ.

I Am, I Am, I Am.

I am the Christ.

Be today and always in Love, Peace and the Devotion of the Christ Light, anchoring all the Universal Love on this earthly plane.

And let the will of God be done both on earth and in heaven.

I am Lord Maitreya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Oct 15, 2016.

Transcription: Angelica T. Tosta

Text revision: Solange Yabushita