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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Strength in the face of challenges - Master El Morya

You have been doubting your own strength and ability to work for your happiness. He was doubting his ability to move forward independently and help himself by seeking knowledge through his actions.

At that moment, he discovers the greatest achievement that a human being could discover, which is independence, freedom, the ability to be self-sufficient.

Discover how it is possible to reach the goal so longed and dreamed for so long that it is your freedom.

What to do now with the new life that opens in front of you?
Now that you've had so many experiences and you're free to go?

At that moment, you have the opportunity to bring all this to those who have not yet reached this level of enlightenment and fullness of Being.

In this present moment and in all who will come, you have the chance to help, to learn, to bring knowledge through your example. I do not speak here of the example of the past only, but, more importantly, of his example of the present. Your way of dealing with the challenges that will come to all. The way you go forward, with faith and trust that all is well, will leave everyone in your lap surprised by your safety and way of leading your life. This will make them sure that everything will be fine and they will be confident about it.

Through his example, he will give security to people who are living karmic situations of rescue, who are living situations of learning through suffering and need their strength, to look at their example and resignation.

To all, I will be radiating the Blue Flame.
To all, I will be embracing and protecting in this new phase that starts now.

This new phase will be blessed with a lot of Light, and the Blue Flame will help to bring strength, faith, trust and protection.

Use the Blue Flame on all that you need and also bring this knowledge to everyone so that you, as you, can walk your ways of learning and self-sufficiency. Conquer also your liberations and independence.

I am El Morya

Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 13, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita