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Friday, October 21, 2016

Returning to Joy - PART II - Kryon and Ashtar Sheran

How to bring Joy to your present throughout this cleaning process?

Anchoring in the Sacred Heart.

Start by closing your entire external field of capture through the senses. Connect to the heart. Relax breathing deeply, for a few moments, until you feel a slight vibration in your physical body. Connect with that feeling. Vibrate in thought with this experience, and journey through this energy stream.

You will find that it is part of your heart.

You will discover with this how you are a great source of energy, for this current of energy is born in you; It does not come from something external

You do not need anything external to live in perfect harmony and in full health. You have all the features you need, in essence. You are a creative source.

From this point, you connect to your Threefold Flame.

Notice how a feeling of energy flowing through your body reaches a point where you need to get out, externalize. You feel that you are charged with energy and feel, too, that you need to expand out in some way. Threefold flame.

From this point, accompany the flow of that energy, which rises to the top of your coronary chakra and radiates out like a flaming Golden Flame. The more it will increase, the more you are releasing an energy. Then, radiate out, too, a Pink Flame and a Blue Flame along with a Golden Flame. You realize that as flames flame with intensity, to reach the point where they are reduced.

From this point, you can feel the flow of energy that continues in your physical senses, on your skin, but you no longer have that feeling that needs to be released. You then control that energy and its flow.

Start giving the commands for the flow to occur. Treat your body. Send greater intensity of energy to the specific points of your body. Wrap your body completely and allow your own healing and cleansing resource.

You have this ability It's very simple. Just allow and connect to that source that is within you.

Since fully balanced, with energy distributed throughout your body, and feeling that control has become more stable and controlled by you, you can initiate external treatments.

Start a cleaning process in your environment, send that energy to each specific location in your home or environment. Send to treat situations, to ancillary people, places and planet. You can send all this energy, for you are a primary Source, a seed of creation.

Dear Ones, it is about learning a job with the power that is within you.

You can heal as your diseases, your problems, from the moment you empower yourself in your Being, where you pass what you are capable of, and realize that there is nothing to fear or worry about.

Being anchored in the present. And, the possession of the knowledge that you are an energy that directs your life, everything is successful, everything is solved, everything is healed.

They will thus be ready for the New Age, where all will have the knowledge of the power they possess and use it with Love, for the fuel of this power is Love. Without Love, the process does not happen. That's the key.

There will be no more loss of thoughts in the past and the future, with sad memories or fear of the future, but there will be full security to know who you truly are and the power you possess.

Be with much Love, practicing this exercise. Soon, they will be able to act by exchanging energy with everyone around them. They will learn to capture pure and beneficial energy from nature and transmit to those who need it and also heal yourself. They will learn to send energy to beings of nature who need help.

Everything is energy exchange. All the time, you are exchanging energy in a variety of ways. Just be aware of this to direct your own ways, sending and receiving energy in a conscious and loving way for you and the entire Planet.

I am Kryon

* * *

This powerful radiance will take on great proportions on the planet. All will be radiated by this energy. You and all who are dwelling on the earth.

The strategy to follow, My Beloved Ones, is to always connect to this energy in all situations that you need and to the least sign of discomfort and imbalance.

This will become routine in your day. It will be part of your essence.

Today, many have risen in energy with this practice, and gradually everyone will learn these techniques and learn to use the inner power, the essence of Light contained in each heart.

The New Age will be radiated from a lot of Light and, at the slightest sign of imbalance somewhere, soon this flawed spot is filled by the energy emanating from all who are near. Everything will always remain in perfect balance.

There will be no more need to consume specific products to bring the internal balance, as well as strong pharmaceutical medications, because it will no longer have an effect on your organisms. They will be vibrating at a higher level, which will not be adaptable or adjustable with the features they use today.

Gradually this will change and, of course, everyone will realize that alternative therapies are effective and there is no longer any need to ingest any external substance.

Gradually, all will learn to heal themselves, and the pioneers will be known as alternative therapists, who, in reality, are powerful beings of Light who have come to bring this knowledge to all. These work connected to Love.

Dear Ones, it is important to remember that without the connection to the heart, without humility and Love, it is not possible to accomplish anything that is being exposed here. Everything, really everything in the New Age, will be moved by the fuel of Love and humility. All future "doctors" will be the forerunners of the work of Love. Everyone may feel, first of all, the radiance of their Love, and then they will see the results coming true in their lives.

From that moment, you already have the opportunity to train this reality. Train and learn so that you can also teach those who will need this knowledge later.

There will be in time a New Age. A New Era of Love and Peace.

A New Age that already exists in your hearts and will be externalized in the form of Love and healing energy for you and the planet.

I am Ashtar Sheran

Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 21, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita