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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Returning to Joy - Part I - Lady Master Rowena

Beloved, I am here today to bring you the Light of Joy and Hope.

Always be open to receiving joy in your hearts.

They are finalizing an important process in their stories that will lead them to high levels of learning and purification.

For this, it is necessary to experience certain situations that you may not always perceive as pleasant, but that are essential for the final result to be realized.

They are purging old fears, traumas, emotions and beliefs that still occupy a place in their hearts and, therefore, those last vestiges that do not tune with the new energy, are in the process of being cleaned, little by little.

It is not possible to work with something of this magnitude quickly. Each of you lives a learning process in your life and therefore you are not all prepared to receive the new energies evenly. Each has the ability to absorb in different amounts.

On you, drops of Light are shed every day and each one has a "sieve", which allows to pass different doses and adapted to each organism. You are all in matter and therefore have restrictions. Such energy could not be fully absorbed, for all are still attached to the physical body, which has a density which does not allow full absorption of the new energies.

They are thus being treated, loved and cared for with great affection and love by all Masters, so that they can cleanse their interior and thus allow the gradual entrance of purifying energy into their bodies.

By the end of the process, everyone will have absorbed enough to start a New Age of Love and Peace where there will be no hatred, disagreements, greed and wars. In the New Age, all will be united in Love, in the name of their Blessed Planet, which shines Light.

What will happen, My Beloved Ones, is that you will allow the entrance of the Light of the Great Central Sun of your planet into your interior, which will keep you in the state of Grace and Joy, always. You will learn to absorb this energy - which today is not possible because of the blockages many still have.

Beloved, we are all here to help you in the name of Love and Peace. Peace will only be achieved when everyone leaves behind the old, and accepts to receive the new.

This "new" we speak to you both is nothing more than these new energies, a new way of thinking, acting, leading life. This new way of living is your future.

Some of you have reached considerable levels of elevation and understanding of this process, and are available to assist everyone else with the symptoms and experiences they will experience, always through Love and knowledge.

These, Beloved Ones, have applied to be your guardians, your protectors, your blessed Angels on Earth. They themselves have no understanding of the magnitude of their powers, for they are humility, Love, and Purity. Without these feelings, they could not help them. But they are dedicated with self-denial and affection for all of this planet. They are working every day their inner processes of cleaning, in an accelerated way, to be prepared to love to all that they need, in the right moment.

I am here also to bring this voice of hope and joy to these workers, who often think of giving up, they think of bringing the old lives back into their daily lives, but they can no longer live in the old. Even if they tried, they could not, because they rose to a level of illumination, where it is not possible to regress.

Everyone is still working their inner wipes, and even during this intense cleansing process, they are devoting their time, their Love and their care to help.

They are all irradiated in the Light that arrives in ever greater drops, which bathes them with purity and raises the levels of their consciousness in more Love.

In this way, they are working their ability to absorb the Light that comes directly from the Source, in increasing doses.

We, Ascended Masters, also go through this process on our levels of consciousness and, at the same time, help you to live this experience.

You see, My Dear Ones, how are you Masters too? At their levels of consciousness, they act like us. This is so on all levels: always helping the neighbor who is beginning to live the experience we have just experienced.

At the same time, we continue our process of elevation and purification, aided by higher beings. This is the wonderful Law of Life, the Law of Love.

Your Master Jesus came to show you how this works, through the example of Love and charity, humility and self-denial. He came to serve as an example and to show the way for all to understand how life flows in their wonderful infinite process of giving and receiving Love.


Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 20, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita