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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Receiving the electromagnetic charge of the connection with the I Am - Master Sananda

Beloved Children,

Today, I bring you a truth that for many can be difficult and almost impossible to understand. They are, in fact, denying the truth through fear, preconception and lack of faith.

We bring you some knowledge, experiences and experiences, putting you in various situations as true pieces that complement a whole. You experience what you read, but first you experience and only then you learn in theory. This is the logic of things.

Do you know why? Because only in this way do they truly believe, and make that teaching a reality. They receive the opportunity of the experience and then the confirmation through another person or some reading.

This happens in this way so that you confirm that teaching as Full Truth within yourself so that it becomes natural in your life. Natural, because it is the Truth. There is nothing to be surprised about.

How many times have we brought teachings talking about time! The way time is manipulated by you and how you have power over it.

You already have the power to manipulate time, since you no longer live in the third dimension. Your physical matter, which you can see with your eyes, is a third dimension. But their minds and their consciousness no longer inhabit this dimension.

We have brought you the Truth by showing them that the New Age already exists and is already materialized through the connection with the I Am. You are able to transform the time that you can observe in the current 3D. You already inhabit the fifth dimension, and so it is only a breath, a snap, to transform everything you can see into reality, according to 5D.

There is no more suffering, there is no more discord, there is no more evil, in the way they think it still exists. There are, yes, thousands of people who think they still inhabit 3D. These people need to go through the process of awakening. They already create in 5D, but they still live their routines based on 3D.

All of you already inhabit this reality. No exception. This is not tied to the level of elevation of the spirit, as you think. This is simply the Truth. It is simply.

Do not think, My Sons, that some have a higher or lower capacity for elevation, that some are living in different dimensions while incarnate. All of you are. But there is a simple difference between those who are aware of this Truth and those who still live in Illusion. Those who already have this awareness and understanding of reality are able to live their lives with more harmony, bringing this reality to itself and also helping those who have not yet become aware of it.

What these need to bring to others, who still inhabit illusion, is that you are all the same. We are all the same. Everyone has the connection with the Trina Flame and the I Am. Everyone is capable. We chose the path of suffering to come to this discovery simply because we decided to remain with our eyes closed for a longer time.

Know, My Beloved Ones, that choosing to remain with your eyes closed will not change your destiny. You all, at some point, will accept the Truth and, therefore, why postpone?

The fact that you decide to "leave for later" to dwell in a New Age, will only bring suffering, because you fight against its nature, against its own evolution. Think about how a child would wear a shoe and decide never to take it off. What would happen to that child's feet? Would they stop growing? Would she feel pain? So, My Children, it is easy to understand what your evolutionary process is.

The pains are beneficial, yes, because they indicate that you are in the process of evolution. But feeling them is just a choice. Choose what you did, because you chose not to accept that reality and walk against the natural flow of life.

Always be open to this awakening. Accept the new reality. Follow your heart.

Through the connection with the I Am and activation of the Three-fold Flame, the process will occur naturally, bringing joy, abundance and fullness.

That is your nature; Allow the flow of life.

I'm Sananda

Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 27, 2016

Collaboration: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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