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Friday, October 7, 2016

Physical and mental healing - Master Hilarion


Realize how much physical sensations interfere with your emotional.

With each change of environment, each experience that you live and that bring to you, whether discomfort or pleasant sensation, ends up interfering in your emotional.

So, My Children, realizing the slightest sense of physical change (some discomfort like hunger, pain, or any form of physical sensation that bothers you), be aware that what causes discomfort to you is not the physical, The mental image they created in correspondence with this sensation of matter.

You are all consciousness, but you are occupying a physical body only to live an experience of learning and evolution. From that point on, they can critically analyze the fact that they are living in the mind or heart. You can choose where you want to focus your thoughts. The mind often creates involuntary reflexes as a result of the sensations of the physical body. Already the heart creates from the soul, from its essence, of what you really are, My Sons.

So take note of the fact that all the sensations that come to you at any moment in your day to day are only physical, are not related to who you are, in essence.
So do not let it interfere with your happiness, your way of leading the day, and your joy. Do not let the physical body be a negative thing in your wonderful experience, which is the incarnate life on this planet.

Today, you can see this as reality. You already have all the conditions to understand, for they are souls who have passed through many incarnations and experiences, and are ready to experience this new form of consciousness, this new way of living, and to observe what takes place in your external and within you Themselves.
Today they can perceive and act on all the outbreaks of disturbance from the beginning and heal them.

For all the physical sensations you have, call the Green Flame of Healing, call me Master Hilarion, and I will bring you the full sense of re-energizing, just as all elementals of nature can bring you as well.

This feeling of discomfort is only a wear and tear of your energetic due to experience in the physical body and this is natural. To deal with this, it is only necessary to bring something that restores the energies and recompose your physical body, which can be a natural food or a contact with the energy of nature, or the Green Flame of Healing.

From that point on, My Children, if you allow physical wear and tear to affect you on the mental plane, you may call the White Flame of Purity, call upon the help of Master Serapis Bey, he will bring you what you need to recompose your mental plane Which, at this point, has already been affected by physical experience.
All of us Masters are here, bringing the power of the Flames to help you on this journey.

We are here, lovingly, and with strength to assist you in this process of cleansing and healing.

Lovingly, I leave you radiated with my energy.
Receive, at that moment, the Green Flame and the White Flame.

Master Hilarion

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 05, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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