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Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Supermoon and energy changes - Lady Master Pórtia

Beloved Children,

I am here to bring you the Flame of Transmutation at such an important time in your lives.

Today, there will be a change due to the position of the Moon in relation to Planet Earth and you may feel different energies. Some may feel physical fatigue, others, sadness, others, dismay and also an euphoria of those who want to solve something soon, but feel as if it is "tied" and prevented from performing.

Dear ones, know that this is all natural and reflects this change.

Let the sensations occur in you and watch what your body is asking for at the moment. Do not force anything, do not try to stop the natural flow of this process in your bodies. They are purifying themselves and therefore the sensations will be different for each one, because each Being is unique and has its history to be healed.

Therefore, My Sons, be connected to the heart all day today. Be connected and calm, relaxed, to let this energy flow naturally.

I am here with all the representatives of the Violet Flame to contribute to the realization of this healing, and for this process to occur perfectly.

Gratitude, My Beloveds, for the opportunity to be with you again.


Messenger: Michele Martini –  Oct 16, 2016