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Saturday, October 29, 2016

How to Clean with the Violet Flame - Lady Master Pórtia

Beloved Children,

Today, I come to bring you the radiation of the Violet Flame that flames in your hearts, so that pure and perfect can follow your walk with much Love.

They are each day raising themselves in thought, in actions and in the way they carry out their routines and activities. At every step they take, My Beloved Sons, they rise a little higher.

Bring the Violet Flame into your heart every day, for with every step of elevation you give, you can purify that situation, that thought, that feeling that you often do not realize, but it has a great impact on yourself and the Involved.

With each attitude, you bring more hope, more Love, more affection and more peace. With every word, every action, even if it is commonplace in your work, in your daily tasks, you always take the opportunity to transform those situations.

You take in your words and in your gaze the energy and opportunity to work out the situation by affecting the way in which all people also take their own situations.

My Beloved Sons, beware of the fact that you have the power to transform through your words and that a simple word, a simple ordinary activity, is not simple as you perceive. In fact, it is loaded with much emotion, hope and feeling.

When you utter words and act through the Violet Flame, you also work on the karmic cleansing of that situation.

My Dear Sons, you today coexist with people and situations where you need to work something for your growth and your release.

You do not have this awareness today, but you are at all times having the opportunity to work on some situations that have often been misunderstood in past incarnations, in simultaneous coexistence.

Therefore, a simple word and a simple gesture with your brothers is always an opportunity for cleansing, purification, forgiveness and transmutation.

A simple answer to a questioning from someone, who can be charged with emotion or feeling, often from anger, haste, worry, envy, rancor or fear, can be cleansed through the violet light. So always carry your words radiated in the transmutation of the Violet Flame, charged with Love, charged with positive feelings, for you can not today realize how much it has a positive impact on all of humanity.

Whenever you utter words radiated in the flame of transmutation, this is brought to your brother, to whom you are receiving your contact, and then is transmuted and raised into your I AM presence and his as well.

This causes you to clear situations that have been, for many times, carrying for a long time. Or that it may seem that they have no relation to the current situation, but that for some reason are linked.

So, My Dear Ones, through these simple attitudes, you can cleanse and cleanse everyone who is living with you.

This is not only between people, but also through the way they live, when they talk, when they think somewhere, or something that has already occurred or will happen to you.

When you remember something that happened in the past, in your present, about how your life is, how is someone's life, about a fact that is occurring somewhere, in the end, always comment with much Love.

Always remember and bring the Violet Flame as you utter your words of Love and affection to all people, places, and situations.

In this way, you contribute to your cleanliness, the planet, the people, and everyone will be free.

My Sons, you are the Flame of Cleansing and Purification. You are the focus of Light that you can provide for yourself and for everyone to live in the New Age through your individual abilities.

You all already live in this blessed world. Just do your part, take your power for yourself. This is your home.

Transform your house into Light and Love and be radiated in Light and Violet Fire.

I'm with you. I am with all of you always, radiating these thoughts and this Flame Transmutadora that will aid you in all the situations that you need.

Lady Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct.29.2016

Transcript: Tania Campos
Collaboration: SolangeYabushita and Angelica T. Tosta