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Friday, October 14, 2016

Helping connect to the heart - Lady Master Nada

Beloved Sons,

You are going through an intense phase of preparation these days.

You are experiencing all the emotions that, for a while, have been kept in the inmost of your Being.
They are thus putting out everything that has been hidden and opening up the possibilities of healing.

Some have been in this process for some time, others are starting now.

Everyone united in brotherhood can help each other.

Those who have been living this reality for a long time can act, at this time, to strengthen their brothers in walking and show them the way.

From that moment, it begins a more intense phase of change, where they can observe and experience the transformation more quickly.

Many global events, in major and minor proportions, and also many internal and small group changes, will occur. And often, some are not prepared for this change.

Therefore, you can help as Path Markers and give the necessary support on this journey, which begins for so many brothers.

You've been going through this process for a while and you've learned how to do the best by minimizing suffering.

My Beloved Ones, do not be carried away by your brother's pain, for he needs your strength, faith, your support and that you show him the way.

Turn suffering into more Love and support for all who need it.

Be available and loving to situations that arise.

They will know how to act when situations show themselves to you. They will know how to act, for they are looking with the eyes of the heart.

Do not worry about resources or the possibility of not being prepared. They will always be prepared and will have all the resources necessary to act in the most loving and perfect way.

I bring you to Love. I bring you into the depths of your hearts.

At that moment, I enfold you in all my Love and Light.

Master Nada

Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 14, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita