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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Broadening horizons - Lady Master Nada

At this point, I am here to bring you a few words to help you through the next few episodes of your life.

Now a new phase is beginning, where you must leave behind the past, any form of prejudice, fear, insecurity in relation to what you are capable of performing, of transforming, of seeing.

Today, before you all, is a new horizon, where new possibilities of loving, living, believing and trusting shine out.

They have been for many months doubting their abilities, their divine gifts, their own Love, their strength, their faith and their sanity.

They are facing a new situation in their lives, where there is no more room for doubt. There is only room to fly, to believe, to be carried away by this new life, to what you can see from now on in front of you, happening in your daily life.

Pay attention, My Beloved Ones, to what will happen in your lives.

Everything will shine in Light, everything will be radiated from Love, all horizons will open to you. Everything you want will come true. All your biggest dreams come true.

The yearnings and the fear of the "non-realization" of your desires must be left behind, because you will no longer have space in this new life, which begins now for you.

From now on, My Sons, you build your walk, you build your future. You will be able to create your tomorrow. You will be able to create your own life. You will have all the power and dominion of your own lives.

On this journey, My Sons, you must have the confidence that you have the power of creation, that whatever you desire, whatever you allow to happen in your life, will happen. It will happen, because you have the greatest creative capacity you have ever had since its creation.

At this moment, you are living a life you have never lived before. A new experience that you have never had the opportunity to live, which is a situation like the one you are experiencing now.

So they gradually become accustomed to this new reality. Gradually, they gain confidence and faith by observing joy and happiness. As you observe the dreams that you have most desired in your life come true before you.

Pay attention to your Hearts, My Sons, and you can feel how the reality is already fulfilled within you. Within their hearts, reality is already a fact.

Everything that you desire, crave and ask with your hearts, materialize in your Hearts and then materialize in your lives.

This will become, My Beloveds, from now on a constant in their lives and that will be the way they will live from now on. You will be able to create whatever is created within the Heart. Everything you have longed for, coming out of your Heart, will materialize in your routines, in your walk.

Know, My Sons, that this is the secret of life: life gives you the possibility to create from the moment you were born. But you created many impediments to this reality to materialize.

But at that moment, My Beloved Ones, you are already free, you have let go of everything that prevented you from working with your own gift, with your own power to love and to create your happiness.

Practice this Love. Leave behind doubt and fear and, from now on, trust that what your Heart wants will come true in your lives.

And so it is.

I love you with all your heart. I am here to bring you this message of Love and hope.


Messenger: Michele Martini - Oct 23, 2016

Transcription: Angelica T. Tosta

Text revision: SolangeYabushita