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Monday, October 17, 2016

Balance - Archangel Michael

This powerful name is tied to its essence. It is necessary for your ascension.

Balance of body and mind.

Balance that brings total happiness in small things.

That balance that seems so simple, My Sons, but we spend much of their incarnations working through their balances.

We work daily to bring them to the center of their Being, because when they least perceive, they let themselves be carried by the external.

All the experiences you will experience from now on, in this new phase, are to work your balance.

They are not karma nor negative aspects that need to be experienced, but new and blessed experiences that will bring them to full balance.

It is the last finish of the perfect work. You are perfection and these finishing touches will enable you to shine in Bright Light, which will obliterate all darkness.

This Light, My Sons, is in you.

These situations that you begin to experience, are not to show you your karma to be overcome, but only brief evidence, so that you can discover how you are no longer the same.

They will perceive, through these experiences, that they are already masters. That they no longer react as they once reacted to similar situations, and this will happen without any effort on your part. It will occur in a perfectly natural way, for the essence of Light already shines out of your physical body.

It is no longer possible to live the physical experiences reacting as before. You are already detached from that of matter. They are already free. But some still need to experience certain situations that will serve only to show themselves how they are capable, how perfect everything is, and how unattainable you are.

You are powerful as seeds of Light sprouting on this planet.

They are ready and feeling only the finishing touches of the great masterpiece.

You are power and Light.

You are the New Age manifested on this planet.

You are the hope and the cure.

Archangel Michael

Messenger: Michele Martini – Oct 17, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita