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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Unification Prayer - Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Let us pray for the least favored of all the resources we have today. Let us remember to put ourselves in the place of our most needy brothers.

Let us take care of our body, our spirit, and also of our brothers, be they people, animals, plants and all forms of life. Let us remember the situations of suffering that our planet still lives in so many isolated places, where there is devastation of nature, hunger and misery. Let us remember our whole planet as one, for we are the planet and it is in us.

We are ONE with the environment where we live and with all beings that live in the same physical and astral space.

Let us remember our brothers who are in lower dimensions, or even higher. All different from ours, which we can not see with our physical eyes, and yes, we can only feel. We can feel them, just because they are here and are part of our Self. We are all ONE with everything we see, and what we do not see as well.

Let us remember all this great planet and all our Selves that are scattered all over the surface in various dimensions and be ONE with all of them, for they are part of us.

Let us raise the vibration of this great planet by raising ours and remembering all those who are living with us. All, my dear ones, are deserving of our Love, from the little ones to the great ones, from the ones of inferior vibration, to those of superior. All kingdoms and all life forms need to be remembered and need to be part of our heart. Let us therefore love all that is life.

So be it, my beloved brethren!

May it be a world of more Love and peace!

Gratitude, my brothers!

Gratitude, children!

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Messenger: Michele Martini - Sep 14, 2016

Text revision: SolangeYabushita