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Monday, September 19, 2016

Travel in love - Lady Master Rowena

NOTE: Rowena, before beginning the transmission of the messenger, intuited that I put this song to listen during the message:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling on the green and colorful mountains of flowers and abundance of life. You're connected to the planet! You are life!

You are that feeling that pulses in your heart and leaves you restless, and with the feeling that you need to get out of where you are. There are no limits. Set your mind free and allow your heart to guide you on this journey through the immensity of the planet and note the wonder that is all this.

Soak in the oceans, watch the color of the sea floor.

Let yourself be amazed by this miracle that is real and part of yourself. It's connected to you.

Feel the breath of the fish, feel the movement of the plants in the water, feel the currents of the sea bringing different sensations of temperature, chills and warmth.

Indulge in the sensation of getting out of the water and diving into the blue sky. Do not impose limits on yourself. You can. You are the free and blessed child of God.

Connect to a current of air and, at that moment, let yourself be traveling through the immensity of the sky. Allow yourself to observe the birds, the planes in the distance and also the planet below you with so many life forms and so many things happening simultaneously.

Time no longer exists for you! He is not real anymore! Time is the pulse of your heart, the emotion you feel, and the joy of this blessed journey. Let yourself be amazed at everything you see now.

Do not stop. Continue your journey every day of your life. There are so many places to discover! There are so many hearts to connect to! There are also so many miracles and blessings to observe, to witness and to live, along with all those who pulsate emotion and Love in their hearts.

Allow yourselves, My Beloved Ones. Let yourself be loved! Allow yourself to live in this world of joys, colors, blessings, life and Love. This is your home, this is your home full of life and abundance.

Allow yourself to be part of it all with much Love at this time.

Indulge in this experience whenever you need it. Whenever you feel disconnected from life, remember all that is there for you.

Stay in peace and filled with abundant light of life.

With love,

Ms. Rowena

Messenger: Michele Martini - Sep 19, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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