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Saturday, September 17, 2016

There are no deviations, the illusion of political separation - Salusa

There is something that I would like to bring you on this day, which is the energy of strength, of continuity, of faith that you are treading the path that was programmed. For there are no deviations and you are always on the best path possible.

Your world is striding for your own improvement. You may say that the news is increasingly leading you to return, as if everything is returning to the old.

In fact, you have that feeling because you are old energies, even old ones, that are being removed and exposed for cleaning. But the way to purification, to cleansing, has been traced, for there is no return. Look at the news under the following lens: how much of what was covered has already been exposed?

There are situations in your world that are blossoming to an inflection point. You are at the threshold of important decisions that will lead you to the improvement of how you conduct your society.

You, however, merely accepted that things should be like this, that you had no power to change them. But the Light that enters into his world, the calling, is so strong, that many will say they are unable to accept today forms that were previously quite common.

You have started to question, to get up, but not because of protests, but rather by improving your own energy radiance. There is a yearning for changes that you do not know where you come from, because you actually come from within yourself, you are irradiating it yourself. You have moved the changes you see today from your inner change. So the news, they note, is the fruit of the very energy production that is radiating.

But there are also forces that are taking advantage of this modification to divide them and thus keep them under control. For in the energy of division you become manipulative by reason of your own vibration.

See, you yearn for change. There is a common yearning. However, adverse forces perceived this irresistible energy of theirs, and then began to use their personal beliefs to divide what is unique.

Understand, however, that there are no two sides, but one, and only one: that of humanity. All of you desire a more just world, that you have access to the goods that dignify the human being. But this inner strength is being divided by unreal beliefs. Old beliefs, old energies that still hold, but that divide the energies, the yearnings that have become common within each of you.

The government will never be better or worse, but it will always reflect the result of a common yearning for society. You focus and the energies reflect on what you crave. It's that simple. You will always be represented by those who reflect the synthesis of the general energy yearning. The government will always be a synthesis of one's own social behavior.

My beloved ones, you are ONE, but you have the impression that they are all separated by their bodies. But energetically, you are unified. Do you understand that? Then the government will manifest itself in a synthesis of the whole social yearning. It's that simple.

Government change occurs much faster when they are united in a nation's purpose, regardless of who represents them. You rule the government from a collective and energetic point of view. And it is this power they are trying to take away from them, by creating the illusion that opposing forces exist to represent them.

Many will say, "But this government does not represent me." I tell you that "yes", because you are inserted in a single energy field, where your conduct reflects in the governmental decisions in energetic terms. So you are represented there in the collective.

So forget the political, ideological divisions. All of them are nothing but an illusion. Stay together in the common good, in honesty, in social development, that you will be uniting to accelerate the cleaning process. The present division only removes them from the center of their power, providing conditions for the maintenance of the current state of illusion.

Keep the Faith that is in the Path of Light, of Unity, of the Common Good, that you will see the great acceleration that the modifications that you crave will occur. Because as I said, there are no deviations and you are always on the best path possible.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and thank you for this brief reflection.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 09, 2016.

Revision: Angelica T. Tosta