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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The purity of a child is admirable – Lady Master Pallas Athena

Beloved Children,

I am here to bring you a magic formula of happiness and purity.

You are walking through your daily activities, without even remembering how many reasons there are to smile.

A smile is one of the greatest remedies you can get for your own happiness and return to the purity of your spirit.

Is not the purity of a child admirable ?! Well! They smile, without compromise, without worry, and without the deep sadness that adults hold in their hearts. They are able to see how beautiful everything is and find reason to smile, despite any situation that has passed, and that has left them sad for a brief moment.

Children are great teachers to us. Let's learn to smile like them, to smile with our soul. Let us return to the purity that we also had when we lived without the worries we created in our minds.

Let's live free and happy! Let us free ourselves from sorrow and trouble. Everything is a reason to smile.

Remember the immensity of the Universe and what it represents for you, and the problem to which you are focusing your thoughts.

Remember the immensity of the Universe and begin to smile. Laugh at yourselves for giving so much importance to something so small! Free yourself! Preserve purity in your hearts.

Remember, My Beloved Sons, you are pure as you were as children. They have only forgotten that, and have created the illusion that they are responsible adults and full of obligations. But that does not exist, My Beloved Ones! This is all creation of their minds. You are, yes, those children who smile from their own mistakes and do not preserve any kind of grudge or hurt within their hearts.

You are the purity of your hearts!

Beloved, remember this at all times when you are sad and begin to smile at your sorrows. The smile will heal your spirits, ward off all ill-qualified energies, and cleanse your auric fields. Simple, is not it, My Children?

Simple like this, like all of life and everything around you.

Happiness and joy are a sigh away from you. Just "take the veil" and leave the mental pattern that controls them.

Free yourselves, My Beloved Ones!

I am here, bringing this brief message, so that you may have a day full of peace and joy.

I am the one who is with you helping you to get everything I have explained above.

Call me and I will be ready to help you with much Love.

Much Peace, My Beloved Children!

Lady Master Pallas Athena

Messenger: Michele Martini - Sep 22, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita


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