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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Inflection Point – Gautama Buddha

May the blessings of Love kindle the Hearts of the self-sacrificing Sons, who open themselves to this sublime feeling.

You are in a moment of inflection, in the decisive point of the collective walk, in the minimum vertex of the curve in ascendancy.

The turning point is when the old one no longer fits your life anyway. Then they begin to pursue a new creation.

This chart is marked by the timeline, in relation to the Love that permeates their experiences. They are in the minimum point, not of the lack of Love in their world, but in their experiences. They no longer match your new energy.

Your energy requires a fresh start in relation to your own world, the way the outer world is organized and the way you interact with it.

The external world has become heavy on you. That's great news! For from that point on, your creative energy begins to move to a new point in this life chart.

While everything is bearable, you hold the structures by reason of their customs and the fear of the new. But when the current becomes a burden, you release it by the way, you no longer support its weight, then the creative energies begin to move and create a world without so much weight to hold. He stands in the way of his existence. Celebrate this moment!

You have reached a point of Resurrection!

From all that does not resonate with his inner world, the inflection has been reached: the minimum point between the resonance of the heart with the experiences.

Nothing more of the old one attends them in any aspect. All great evolutions occur from there. The old man becomes so exhausting that he stops holding his structures, so what remains are the ruins for the reconstruction of the new.

I thank you, brethren, for keeping the Faith on the journey. From here, it will be rewarding.

I bless you.

Lord Gautama

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Apr 29, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta