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Saturday, September 17, 2016

On the uncertainties of life, the energy of control, some care - Master Saint Germain


You experience times of uncertainty, of doubts in the political, financial, loving, family sphere. Their lives are moving day after day, for, according to the vision that leaves their ego in the future, great changes can lead them to an unwanted destination.

But look at something that might ease them. You have experienced the intensification of this liberation process for some decades, and energies have been intensifying since 2012. But this process is older in its linear time, much older.

And you, however, continue, day after day, experiencing your experiences. During this whole period, there was nothing that completely removed them from the ground anchorage. There have been moments of euphoria, sadness, joy, but they keep walking. In your life, nothing was put that was not fully bearable, that you were not prepared to experience. And so it will continue to be.

Trust that it will be so, for there is no other possibility. There is a popular saying in their world that says, "God does not give greater weight than the shoulders can bear," and I add: "there are many shoulders to relieve their burden in these times." Just look around and ask for help.

My Beloved Brethren, this whole tension that you experience, this anxiety that you feel "in the air" comes from a very ancient energy that surrounds you. It is the energy of control, where experiences must be all controlled, measured, heavy, and you must be pre-programmed to experience them. Behold, on a Wednesday at 4 p.m., someone calls you and everything changes. The facts have changed, and aid has often come.

That's life. There is a flow of retrograde energies and expansion, but it will lightly lead them to their rebirth, so that they transcend this physical reality. This path already exists and is the only one possible.

You experience a constant flow. By releasing experiences and entering that flow of trust into Creation, you will immediately feel great relief.

But there are some measures that can help you energetically. Remember, when you wake up and get up, raise your thoughts, asking for protection and help in your day. Call on the Christ Light to support them. Mentalise a beautiful Violet Ray Tube over your entire body. Bless the first glass of water in the morning. As you take your shower, imagine all the dense energy going by that water. They nest whenever possible with nature or if they mentalize in a beautiful garden and feel the energies. Ask your Guardians to aid in your fluid cleansing, that is, stay connected to all the spiritual help that is within your reach.

You will notice that as you proceed, life will begin to flow more lightly. The challenges will be softer, you will be giving your life to Creation and getting out of control.

Understand, Beloved Ones, that this attempt to know, to control, to be at all times at the helm, serves only to lead you to worry, fear, focus on adversity and consequently reduce your vibration. Instead, as you surrender and keep connected through prayer, meditation, gratitude, invoking Light to the Spirit World, you will be entering the stream of trust, knowing that you are helped and loved, and thus allowing us to intervene and assist you With all our love.

Remember, Beloved, anchor yourself, invoke Light, bless your food and your water, go whenever possible to feel the flow of nature, breathe, I promise you, we will always be with you. For in this state you do not stop the flow with your thoughts and your need to know everything in advance and thus control.

A Master flows, observes, trusts and does so, mainly, through his thoughts, invoking all the help at every step of his day. So, Beloved, you remain connected to All That Is and everything will become softer.

I thank you with all my heart and ask you to take these teachings into your heart so that you may use them in all the days of your earthly journey.

With all my love.

Master Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 11, 2016.

Revision: Angelica T. Tosta