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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oh, if you knew! – Thiago Strapasson

Oh, son, if you only knew! If you knew everything that you have inside you! If you knew of love and of your glories, of the light and its nuances, of the strength and of your meekness. Oh, if you knew!

Ah, if you were out there loving! Oh, if you were to trust and surrender without fear! If only you knew!

And why the low forehead? Of the arched gait? When you have so much inside you! Why of sadness and doubt instead of faith? Despojes, son of this melancholy, that you may know. Because, ah, if you only knew!

There is life within you! There is strength! There is joy and there is much, but much love! There is light! There is my own light that I have entrusted to you, as I would with all my kingdom! Oh, if you knew!

Why this weight? Why this anxiety? Where have you been in that time that we have separated? Where have you been, my son? Oh, if you knew!

I come to give you my kingdom and I find a son like that, tired! That tells me that the toil is great! But what about your light? What did you do to her? Oh, son, if you only knew!

The magic is in rediscovering your magic! So that you know what you are! What you bring within you and what you represent me! So that you will see yourself as my son again! To remind you that I never left you! Oh, son, if you could!

If only I could show you! If only I could talk to you! Not about what you are, but about what I feel for you! About what you represent to me! Oh, if you knew!

You know, son, thank him for what he's got at the moment! For it will remind you! For you to say, now I know! Bless you and your feelings, so I can tell you! Oh, if you knew!

If you only knew the power of faith! If only you knew the strength of gratitude and love! If only you knew how much you are covered! If only you knew!

Thiago Strapasson - April 23, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita