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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Navigating through life, collective confrontations - Lord Maitreya

Dear Brothers,

There are blessings that are brought to all those who hold on to the Christ Faith, but they come through experiences that often you can not even see. From our point of view, there is often a great blessing that is put into your life. But you see it as a great challenge. There are different perspectives on the same fact.

Most of us, who are now in the Ascended Realms, stood there in that position and went through harsh trials in a restraint environment just like you.

We understand that these experiences lead them to pains that hit the core of their beings. But stop to reflect, because experiences are presented to you just like this! Do you still believe that it is a work of chance?

I tell you that these experiences were the ones you asked for with your mentors. You asked for them so that they could develop. There is always important learning in these earthly experiences. They are always raising them.

We have already addressed these issues before, but now we have come to bring you a new element, which is Acceptance. You realize that the most challenging experiences are often the very ones that elevate them.

My Beloved Ones, you look from a very small perspective on the earthly plane, for as we have said there is much more.
So, Beloved, accept all that is presented from a superior look, precisely the one that we try to convey at this moment.

In life, there is one aspect of you that is on this side of the veil and, with your help, you are creating experiences that enrich you in your developing aspects. But all this is tied to a collective flow.

So it is as if you are sailing through life, you go through the bad times, you experience the calm of the sea and the winds. There is something that impels them, but they do not control.

But in this navigation you are always being driven by the ocean, by the forces of the winds and of all nature. You do not fully control the experiences, because there is more involved here. You navigate and adapt to the conditions that All That Is brings you.

There is a collective flow of learning that you are inserted and that, therefore, I hit you, just as the storm hit the navigator who follows lonely on his way. There is no way to be in the ocean and not submit to the forces of nature, just as there is no way to live in society and not submit to collective learning.

That's life. She brings you experiences, some cheerful and soft, others that hit you hard, throwing them all around in the swinging waves. But you continue to sail because there is a destiny to be reached or a goal that drives you to continue. This is your personal growth. Watch your progress.

Then when times of storms come, accelerate the engines, fix on the destination and continue to sail. Understand that the collective movement will also hit them. This collective movement will add to their personal experience leading them to the port they wish to attain.

I thank you with all my heart.

Lord Maitreya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 08, 2016.

Revision: Angélica T. Tosta.