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Monday, September 19, 2016

Love and balance as a force of light - Lady Master Pórtia

Beloved ones

I come to you to remind you of an important aspect that is present in your day, in your daily routine. Never cease to preserve joy and determination in your hearts. We know that you are exposed to daily situations of dangers, unbridled emotions and dense energies.

Beloved ones, if you are exposed to all this, it is precisely because you are so much greater than you could conceive in your thoughts. You are the flame of restoration, the flame of hope, the flame of healing, the flame of peace, transmutation and Love. They are the flame that will kindle the hearts of so many brothers. They are Warriors of Light and they shine this Light on all sides wherever they walk, my beloved ones!

Ah, if you could, the beauty of your walk, the daily routines, the offices, the public transports, the environments filled with people and life!

Ah, if you could see the beauty that you are radiating your flames and your lights where you are passing and acting in different situations without even realizing what is happening!

Ah, if you could see a little, my beloved, the wonderful actions of your bodies, so many in need! The cures they perform, the transformations and the cleaning of different environments and people! It is so beautiful to observe all this from our plan and also to see how often you have the most timid feeling of satisfaction in your hearts, without even realizing the reason, but feel.

Oh, my dear beloved children, they are always working, always in the service of light! When they recite mantras and when they repeat the decrees, it is a beautiful Light that we can observe to radiate and to act on the planet.

My children, you are the rebuilding of this planet, you are the liberation of your brothers who need so much of your Love, your joy and your determination. Do not let discouragement and sadness overtake workers like you, so great and full of light and Love. We need you, my beloved, just as you need us. And we are here, with you, to form a team of much Love and Light for the healing of the planet.

Remember how powerful and powerful you are, how much you can always help, and never let discouragement take over. Courage, my children! It is only through joy, courage and determination that we will radiate more Light in this world and heal and liberate all.

You are Light, you are Love, you are strength and determination. You radiate faith and hope. You are unbeatable in the work of Love and transmutation, my dears!

In the name of the Masters, I am here to remind you how important they are to us and to your brothers and to your home that is this blessed planet.

With much Love I leave you my powerful Violet Flame, which will transmute any ill-qualified energy into more Love, strength and faith.

Peace and Light, my beloved!

Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - September 19, 2016

Text Revision: SolangeYabushita