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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It is time to be the Light - Lord Maitreya

Beloved Children,

The time has come to recognize yourself as the Light of the world, as those responsible for being the blessings that will reach the hearts still disconnected from the mind.

The time has come to be the Light in everything you do in your nuclei of friends, family and wherever else you pass.

It is the time to be the Light that radiates to the hearts, for to be Light is to be firm in its essence. It is to have purpose, is to know the walk of lightness and sweetness with the necessary energy.

You know, Sons, there is a moment in our existence that the call comes from within; It is no longer part of want, of wanting to be, but of being itself. This is the day of contact with its essence, where to close to this truth, no longer makes any sense.

And being does not depend on what you expect from you, but it is the being because that is the inner call. It is to allow the inner truth to radiate and shine forth. Because I tell you: "truth is felt in the aura".

Ah! ... And how pleasant it is to be on the side of truth, because it is gentle, it is gentle and does not have to be demonstrated because it is and, in being, there is no will.

Truth is Light. It shines from the eyes, from the smile, from the speech. It is pleasant by nature, not by force. The truth is peace, it is Love and pure friendship, without forcing, without having to say. She "is" and period.

And when you come to your truth, this is what you become: the friend who is good to be together, to accompany, to the one that everyone wants to feel. Because the truth shines, radiates and is beautiful.

Be Light! Be the essence! Be true! May the blessings be to those around you! Be Love! Be and be!

But remember that this truth does not come from wanting; It starts from the deep call of the soul, from the contact with the essence, in all its purity.

She is your soul and can only show all the beauty of what is made. So be Light, be the blessings, be the promise to the world of the new human who loves himself above all and therefore is true with himself and with everyone.

Be in Peace, Children.

I am your brother, a little older, but a brother who loves you like a father.

With Love, Maitreya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Sep 06, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita.