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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I will never abandon you – Master Jesus

We are entering a new age of peace, balance and harmony. Today it's not like it used to be. We are carrying more love in all our words, our actions and uncommitted feelings. These days are blessed by the energy of Love and peace, much more than they were before.

We are living in a new age, my beloved ones. Today is already the peace and Love that radiates from your being, and no longer the lower feelings that took care of you. You are more purified, cleaner, more beautiful, radiating much Light and purifying yourselves and everyone around you.

There is no more reason to fear, there is no more how to err and there is no more how to retreat in this beautiful illumination of your bodies. They are bathed in Christ's light, and no matter how often they come upon situations that would lower your vibrations, you may realize that you no longer react as you did before, but you will have new, more pure and renewed attitudes in Love.

You will see in yourself a peace, a balance and a zeal for your being, which did not exist before. Or even that it existed, it was very timid, and now it is the one that takes care of his whole being.

My beloved, dear brothers, I am here bringing this Light to you. Remember to call by my name and I can bring you the security you need at the beginning of learning.

I know you do not need my presence and the thought in me to anchor Light and Love in you, but I also know that until you can accept this reality, my presence will bring you more security. So, remember to call me. So we will always be together in this new beautiful and pure phase of your lives. I am always happy to attend to your requests with much love because I love you, my little flashes of Blessed Light! I will never abandon you.

With much love from your brother, Jesus Christ.

Messenger: Michele Martini - September 13, 2016

Text revision: SolangeYabushita


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